Written by Dave and Clare

10 Dec 2004

I have always wanted to watch my wife with another man and it has been the topic of conversation on many a drunken night. Clare has always talked with me about a time but refused saying she would not feel right. Anyway recently we went to York doing some Christmas shopping as we did not live local we decided to stay over in a local hotel. We had, had a few drinks in the afternoon during our shopping and decided to go back to our room get showered and changed before we went out for a meal and some more to drink.

Clare was black knee length boots, a red knee leather knee length skirt with a split up the side that had a zip to reveal more leg, hold up flesh coloured stockings and a black silky top. I must admit I love her in this outfit and I was feeling hard and horny before we went out.

we made our way to a few of the town centre large pubs but as it was during the week it was not to cramped. Their were a lot of groups out that either appeared to be on Christmas parties or just out for a Christmas drink.

We started drinking and soon forgot about eating. Clare was sat on a high stool and I noticed a couple blokes looking over at Clare. At first I was a bit curious as to why they seemed to be paying her extra special attention as there were still alot of attractive women out without husbands in toe. Then I noticed during the course of the evening the zip on Clares skirt had moved further up and she was revealing more leg and you could see her Stocking tops. Clare had not noticed as she was very tipsy. I could start to feel myself get excited at the though of these guys looking at my wife. I came up with a plan that i thought might fulfill my fantasy. I waited for one of the men to go to the toilet and followed when I was in the toilet I said to the the bloke who was named Steve. Did he like what he saw Steve looked at me and said very much so. I then said to Steve if him and his mate would like to possibly see and do a bit more comeand stand next to us and I will strike up a conversation and we can see were it goes. Steve said he was very interested and within a few minutes they were standing by us chatting away. Steves mate was called Jason and they where sales reps that had been in the area and where staying at the Hotel next to ours.

As the night wore on last orders were called and we all started walking back together towards the Hotels. I had not mentioned anything to Clare about my naughty intention but i could feel she liked both lads.

Steve said what about coming back to there hotel as their room had a mini bar. We all agreed and head back to Steves room. When in the room I whispered to Clare I wouldlike to see you fuck these two. Clare turned and looked at me and said I thought you would never asked they both told me when you wnet the toilet in the pub just before we left.

Clare said this can be an early Christmas present but your only to watch them with me not join in. I could feel cock swelling and nodded excitedly. I look around and saw Steve and Jason both stripped down to there underpants with obvious hard cacks. Clare told me to sit on the seat in the corner and enjoy the show. Clare was sat on the edge of the bed and called the lads over. She rubbed her hands over their pants before pulling them down to reveal thier cocks. Stves cock was about 9 inches and very thick and Jasons was about 8 inches but not as thick, both were uncut. Compared to my 6 inches cut dick. Clare grabbed hold off both in sperated hands and started sucking from one to another like a total slut. I could hardly contain myself and started wanking my cock. Both lads started feeling her tits with there hands and they took her top and bra off just leaving her lower half clothed.

Clare carried on sucking for a good 5 minutes till Steve told her to lie back on the bed. He pushed her skirt up revealing her shaven cunt with no knickers. Steve said yo are a naughty slut aren't you? Clare said the worst fuck me hard in front of my husband I want too feel you pump both your cum in side me. Stev needed no second invitation he positioned his big cock at her cunt lips and said ready for the fucking of your life. I watched for the first time another man push his hard cock into my wife. Steve started pounding away like a man possesed. Clare was loving it talking like a utter slut saying fuck me hard I want you to cum in me, I love your big hard cock. Steve had Claires legs over his shoulders allowing deeper access and after a few minutes Clare had her first orgasm. As she did she was saying I love fucking other Blokes. Stve carried on pounding away and Jason was wanking his cock over Clares face with her feeling his balls and sucking his cock when she managed to catch a breath. After about 10 minutes Steve started to say I cuming you dirty bitch and with one final thrust emptied his balls inside my wife. Clare was saying come on you dirty bastard give all your spunk I want it all. As soon as Steve had pulled out Clare kneeled in a doggy position and said to Jason to Fuck has hard and as fast as he wanted. Clare was facing me and Jason stuffed his cock into my wife. I was trying to hold back from cumming and just watched as Jason humped away on my wife. Clares tits were swinging away as he banged and Jason used them to hold onto. Jason was not as fast as Steve but Clare came several times in the doggy position. Jason pulled out of girl and said he was going to do her arse. This is something we have tried a few times but with Clare stopping me as she said it was to uncomfortable. Clare anyway said okay but to start slow. I stood up to watch and see Clares virgin arse take a meaty cock. Jason started slowly and then speeded up and until he was almost banging the shit out of her, Jasons hand was on her pussy fingering her and Clare seemedto be having one long orgasm. She just kept saying fucking hell this is the best use me like a fuck slut. Steve had become hard again and put his cock in Clares mouth so she was getting spitroasted. At one stage Clare pulled him out and said to me this is like all your dreams come true isn't you dirty bastard. I have to admit it was i don't know how i managed to stop myself cumming.

Jason finally came up Clares arse as she squeezed his balls dry inside her, followed by Steve pumping spunk across her face, hair, mouth and tits.

We sat there for 10 minutes and Clare said did you enjoy that to me you dirty fucking bastard watching your wife getting used as a fuck slut by two strangers. I said she had one more task that would fulfill this I wanted to see both cocks in her cunt at the same time.

Both guys got up straightaway and Clare climbed ontop of Steve with Jason comming around from behind. They both entered her slowly and Clare was moaning like a goodun. They pumped away a couple of minutes as I stood there and wanked I finally exploded but Clare told me as I was about to cum to do it on her top on the floor which I did. Clare then said to Steve and Jason she wanted them to finish off by wanking over her cunt and cumming across her cunt stocking and skirt. Both guys obliged with Jason pumping out a thick load. Clare then got her fingers and massaged it into cunt before licking her fingers clean.

We finally got dressed with Clare covered in cum on her clothes and body she said she did not want to clean up as she wanted to feel like a slut till morning. As it was late i knew no one would notice. We left the room with Clare Kissing both Steve and Jason deeply and having one last feel of there cocks.

When we got back to our room we made love together and I emptied myself were to other men had been that night we both admitted it was the best night ever of sex and hope to repeat it again and maybe with a well endowed black guy next time.