Written by cmot40

18 Aug 2006

K & I got married in 1988

Our sex life was ok but nothing spectacular.

She had long brown hair & a pair of 38DD tits & an arse to die for.

When she fell pregnant her libido went through the roof. She couldn't get enough of my cock.

I came home from work one afternoon & it appeared as though the house was empty. How wrong I was.

I went upstairs to use the toilet & I could hear moans coming from our bedroom. I thought she must be wanking or fucking herself with her dildo.

I was wrong.

I opened the door hoping to see her shaved cunt with her fingers or dildo up it.

No what was between her thighs was one of our neighbours. All i could see was her blonde hair & her back & arse.

I went round & stroked my way down her back until my hand reached her sexy arse.

I got behind M & parted her legs so i could stick my face into her very wet cunt.

Didn't take her long to cum.

I asked K & m if I could fuck M.

The reply was what the fuck are you waiting for.

I started to ease my cock up M's juicy cunt.

We spent the next few hours sucking & fucking.

If you want to hear mre let me know.