Written by Andrew

9 Oct 2005

A year ago my wife confided in me about her previous affair. I had always suspected that she had enjoyed a cock before but never asked her. But it all came out one night when we were having sex. At the heat of the moment she somehow slipped and said 'John" when my name is Andrew. I asked her who John was and she got sheepish but told me that she had an affair with him. I asked her what she so misses about him. She was quiet for sometime but then told me that she missed his cock! I was shocked. But I asked for details and she talked for an hour and I had cum twice during the time she talked about him. It turned out that John had a huge cock. 12.3 inches was what she told me. She had actually measured it. And width-wise he was 7 inches. Now that is huge. I was very hard when she was describing his cock. She was half in dream. The thought of my wife getting fucked by a huge cock did excite me beyond belief. I suppose I should haev been shocked, she actually thought i would be, but it turned out that we had the best sex of our life.

After that, I used to ask her about her escapades with him. She was reluctant at first but she then saw how excited I am about hearing her stories and she relented. She used to tell me slowly while strokign my cock. "I just loev his cock" she woudl tell me. And "Andy" she would say, you haev no idea how much I miss that huge cock. I will ask her to describe his balls. She would sigh in pleasure and telll me how she used to cup them while sucking his cock. I knew all about his cock. Maybe mroe than him.

One day, I asked her why if she misses his cock so much, cant she have him fuck her again. Are you serious? she asked me. I said absolutely. I would allow you. she gave me a big kiss and told me she wuold make her happy. She told me that she didnt like him, thats why she didnt marry him. But she always liked sex with him. He is an asshole with an attitude but I just love his cock, was her comment.

He lived in the same town. I asked her to go arrage it with him.

She did it within the week.

One night we were sitting in the drawing room, when the door bell rang and there was John. He was tall and well built. I invited him inside and offered him drinks. I made him sit next to Angela, my wife. They both kissed. Oh gosh, if you haven't seen your wife sitting with another man and getting kissed you have no idea what you are missing.

I then suggested that we went to the bedroom. We all knew what was going to happen, so without pretenses, we all dropped our clothes. I turned to see John's cock. Dear God, that guy did sport a thing! It was HUGE.

I was hard and he was just getting hard but it was so long and hard and thoroughly wihtout hair. He had a nice big sack holding his egglike balls. His cock head would have been atleast 5 inches long.

Angela went and kneeled in front of him. She looked at me right in the eyes while she took his cock in her mouth. She had to open her mouth wide. Even then she was able to take only the tip. She ran her fingers over his shaft and closed her eyes. Then she went to work. I knew she was in another world. She was like a musician enjoying a good song. She cupped his balls, played with then, ran her hand over the shaft and generally giving him a roll.

We all then went to bed. We put Angela in between. She reclined to face John. She put her one leg over his waist and her arm over him. I put my leg over her and slowly inserted my cock inside her as she moaned and kissed John. You should feel it to see how it is to fuck your wife from behind while she kisses another man.

I was fucking her for a few seconds, when I heard some shuffles from their side. John was changing places. He was going 69 with her. I knew she wanted his cock in her mouth again.

She took his cock in her mouth again while I was fucking her from the side. I kissed her cheeks. I felt them hallow as she was sucking. Here I was with my face on my wife's face while she was sucking a huge cock! John was sucking her clit while I was fucking her. Oh gosh, it was deadly. Then I felt a different sensation. I knew then that John was running his tongue over my balls.

While he did it my wife was sucking his cock like it was a tasteful thing, enjoying it thoroughly. I took her hand ou of his cock and put my hand there instead. I held it for her so she can suck. It was the first time, that I had held a cock in my hands and it felt odd but heavenly. His cock was like a rock and I couldnt fit my hand aruond it. I slowly jerked it. Then I got an idea. I pulled it out of her mouth and I put my mouth on the tip. I was reluctant but I sure did want to taste that cock. She was a bit surprised, I think, but she quickly went to his balls. I was sucking his cock - running my tongue around hsi head, while she was licking his balls. I think she once dived to his asshole as well and gave it a rimming. But I was enjoying his cock. It sure felt good. It was placed on my wife's face while she was on his balls and i was sucking the head. John was licking my balls and her clit alternatively. Once he felt me sucking his cock, he pulled out mine and started sucking on it. My wife, came abck tohis shaft and licked on it. I and my wife were sharing a cock and we both were loving it.

John then alternated. He changed places and put his cock inside her cunt. It was a tight tight fit. I went 69 on my wife and I held his cock on her cunt while he drove it slowly. I was helping him to push it in. Soon her cunt was stretched beyodn belief and he was all the way in. I didnt know my wife's cunt can take it such a huge one. She wiggled and I knew she has had her first orgasm. Then she took my cock in her mouth while John's cock was riding her. Her clit was hard and protruding. It was all the way out. It must be because of the huge cock inside her. I took it in my mouth and delightfully sucked her. I would suck her clit and lick John's balls. John too was sucking my cock with myw ife.

I suddenly came, and I heard a moan. My wife drank my cum. She later told me that John licked off my last drop and she kissed him sharing my cum with him. Sometime John too came inside her. His cum was oozing out and I licked the part that came out of her cunt.

John left after that and I and Angela had one more hot session discussion what happened. She said she liked it that I sucked his cock. She also said, she liked sharing my cock with him. Now you know why i like his cock, she said with a wink. I told her yes, i just loved suckin him too.

Now John comes regularly and fucks my wife. We all have a healthy relationship. My wife loves his cock, loves me as her husband and it is a perfect equation. I asked her never to go out with him. But have in come in to our house when she wants to fuck. He comes regularly to service her. She always would tell me afterwards, what they did. Initially they fucked everyday while i was at work, but it was come to 3 days a week. IN between, she had a fantasy and I fulfilled it for her. She wanted to see my suck his cock. So one day I went on my knees and took it in my mouth while I saw ehr in the eye. She put a finger in her clit and masturbated herself while seeing me sucking a cock! I thoroughly enjoyed it. John came and i opened my mouth wide so she could see me drinking his cum. She came screeming seeing it.

I dont think i am gay. But I love doing this for my wife. Once john and i did a 69 for her to see - he sucking my cock while i sucked his. We have been having varieties. John is thinking of bringing one more friend to join our little group. Angela and I look forward to it.