Written by didid

18 Jun 2012

I would love to watch my wife with another man but she has been flatly refusing for year.

So all I could do was to fantasize of her getting fucked some man.

This has become a repeated dream that I would fantasize while fucking her.

I have pleaded her to have some fun and to try someone with a bigger cock.

It really turns me on whenever I fantasize she making love with another man

She would listen to my appeals and play along during our session but would not do the real thing.

I would get her to dress sexily, with a shirt revealing part of her breast.

She would do that for me, and men would gawk her. That was indeed a thrill itself for me. We would return home and I would have a great time fucking her.

But that was the limit that she would do for me

My pestering and pleas always came to nought. This had been going on for the last few years

She has to dine with a few of her business colleagues now and then. She would chat for hours at an end. The men would make many passes at her but nothing would happen

Sometime I would be hoping against hope but nothing would come out of it.

One day I happened to drive her to meet a colleague for dinner at an upend restaurant.

I decided to take drive and visit a friend a short distance away.

Fate had it he was not in and I had not called him earlier.

So I decided to have drink on my own and having finished my drink I found it difficult to while away my time.

Naughtily I decided to go and peek at my wife having dinner with one of colleagues name Alex.

Stealingly I managed to see them and yes there they were chatting away at dinner.

I stole back to my car which was parked just outside the parking bay. I sat there and decided to take a nap when suddenly I saw Alex’s car with my wife pulling off.

Hey this is new, I decided to tail them. I managed this from a distance following them to see where they were off to. They seemed to be taking a familiar route towards our home. First they drove past the house, I presumed to check if I had returned home. Just then my hp rang, it was my wife inquiring if it was OK with me to wait a little longer. She then asked where I was, so I had to biff a little that I was chatting at my friend’s place.

I parked the car across my house in the dark and then I saw then drive into the porch with lights off. I could make out quite clearly that they stole into the house.

Then after a while I saw the back bedroom curtains be drawn and a a faint track of the light going on.

Excitement had my heart pumping! I was extremely excited and turned on.

They were in the extra bedroom, and I could go up the back entrance and let myself into the adjoining. These two rooms were separated with a small two way mirror that I had installed long ago to monitor my new born baby about 20 years ago.

Now finally it is going to be put into use again.

Sneaked up the back and quietly managed into the room while being very careful not a make a sound at all

There I had a grand stand view of the happening in the room.

They must have started a while ago. My wife was biting and sucking all over under his balls area. When she was in the mood she was great at attacking the groin area under the balls. She used to drive me crazy when she went down.

Alex was mourning and shouting ‘fantastic.’

He was wriggling and pushing his groin upward. I could suspect his feeling for sure. But I could not see his cock for my wife’s naked body was in the way. Her naked bump was squirming, twisting and turning to pleasure Alex. I really, really was enjoying this.

Alex was indeed in total ecstasy through his groaning and squeals which was most expressive.

My wife would attack and smoother the whole are under my balls and there were many occasions when I had ejaculated from the thrill of her sucking and licking.

In fact she had perfected this art. She was not into cocking sucking but it was all below the balls. I thought to myself what a lucky fellow Alex was to experience my wife’s expertise in this. In fact he was tossing upward all the time. I knew she would nibble and suck which was rapturous act of sex.

The I saw Alex’s joy of having sex with her. He held her and push it downward towards his groins.

My wife would suck and nibble for a long periods of time as she enjoyed the smell of the groin that she would have to ‘surface’ to catch her breath.

After about twenty minutes at this she came up breathing heavily to catch some air.

Next she would want to be kissed and licked all over so she would lie down when she would make her twists and turns.

Here I was wrong, having caught her breath she repositioned herself and began to take Alex’s cock into her mouth. This is something out of the normal of what my wife would do to me. She gave me the impression that she did not enjoy sucking my cock.

Alex let out a cry when she nearly swallowed all eight inches of his large girthed cock. Now I was getting angry. She would do this to another man but hardly with me

Was she great at it too, she kept on taking in the whole penis. She was deep throating Alex much to his extreme pleasure and ecstasy. Alex was not attempting to fuck her in her mouth but she did to allow that. She wanted to be in total control, this was something very new or she had been keeping this away from me. Maybe mine was a five and a half inched erect cock which may not have brought much pleasure to her. While all this was running through my mind, my eyes were transfixed through the small two-way mirror at the sex spectacle.

Alex had gone all red in delight.

Jealousy rang through my spine but the whole display was too good to miss.

I just could not believe my eye, there was my wife repeatedly taking in the whole of his cock.

A good ten minutes of her enjoying suck and swallowing his cock, she stopped all out of breath and rolled over on the bed.

Alex needed no instruction what to do.

He dived at her breast ravaging her large nipples and sucking to the pleasure of my wife. He kissed her all over her chest stomach and finally went down on her. He kept on licking and sucking at her genitals that she was wreathing in pleasure and ecstasy of sex with a man with a big cock.

I could hear her suddenly let out a low scream jerking in pleasure as she climaxed.

Strange, I would have to work on her for a bit before she would climax but Alex had a stunning effect.

She went into the bath and must have washed up and came back with the bath rope draped around. That took her a good ten minutes or so and I was planning my ‘escape’ back to the car.

Once my wife climaxed, that would be the end of sex for the day.

But then today it all seemed very different, she was allowing Alex to caress and fondle her again. Hey, this is something new I thought.

This time though she just lay still enjoying Alex’s attention and fore play.

Little by little I could see that she was getting turned on again. She responded by taking Alex’s cock in her hands and she had given life to that limpness. I watched in awe how his cock grew in her hands. She then rolled aside and began sucking his cock. Alex was beginning to enjoy himself.

She did not suck him long. He then parted her legs and entered her very gently. This time I had a better view of their private parts in action as they lay on a side allowing me a better view.

Oh, could he fuck, he kept pumping her for a while and here she was wreathing in pleasure. She enjoyed every entry stoke of his. She looked so flushed and was in a state of intoxicated thrill. Alex began to fuck faster but with much grace. It was a pleasure to watch this performer, he could really fuck and pleasure his woman.

I was in envy for I would not be able to pleasure my wife so well fucking her. Of course he had a long tool that aided him but his energy and rhythm was wonderful. No wonder my wife had been putting on a show about fucking other men.

All good things come to an end and I had once again to sneak out and rush out to the car.

Having arrived at the hotel, she rang me and I pretended that I ws a asleep in the car.

I dove up and pick her up and together we drove home. I asked her if she would have a drink with me along the way. Yes was she was as loving and nice as ever.

I began to fondle her, and she returned in kind.

On arriving home we began to undress one another in a hurry. I could not take any more, I needed to fuck. While fiddle and fondling, I asked whether Alex made any pass, to which she admitted he hinted sex many times but she did not respond. I asked if she would allow Alex to fuck her sometime in the future and her answer was in a strong negative.

I enjoyed great sex that night with my wife and she climaxed too. There was no sucking or swallowing of my cock, maybe it is too small to thrill her.

That to this day remains a secret between us. I got to watch them another time at my house and the performance as great.