Written by J & K

1 Dec 2003

Apparently Gloryholes have been around for years in the gay community.

Not being part of that community I never even knew the meaning until my mates told me about this site called Gloryhole.com.

In short, women enter these places and annonymously suck cock.

My wife has always fantasised about sucking and being fucked by other men. I have always told her what I would like and she loves it when we are playing around. She loves the fact that I would love to watch.

I came quite close once when one of my mates was staying with us. My mate and I talked her into it but she bottled out at the last minute, with the excuse that she knew him and his girlfriend.

When I told her about the gloryhole thing she was up for it from the start.

Not wanting to loiter around public toilets I created the gloryhole in my house and invited three mates around, obviously sneaking them in whilst my wife was getting ready.

An area of my spare room was partioned off and two holes were cut in either side of the partition and two chairs were placed in the middle of the room facing one another.

My three mates stayed out of sight until my wife and I sat on the chairs.

My wife, Kath, was dressed in a short denim skirt, with black hold ups and a black vest with no bra underneath. She has reasonably big tits (34c).

Within a matter of seconds one of the lads pushed his semi erect cock through the first hole. Kath was embarrased at first and reached out and wanked it until it was hard. She then moved her head over and took it in her mouth sucking it good and proper whilst wanking it with her hands.

With every second that passed she got more and more in to it and soon took off her vest rubbing the cock all over her tits. After about 5 mins she was swallowing his cum.

By this time I had my cock in my hand and was wanking like a man possessed stopping at the last minute before I came myself.

Then another cock was pushed thru the gloryhole, this time already hard. Again she wanked and sucked the cock getting really into it. Her one hand was wanking the cock and her other was up her skirt rubbing her clit. She was moaning and shouting out how wet she was.

Just then another cock cam through the other hole and she sat back on the chair and wanked both cocks at the same time, then kneeled on the floor and sucked each of them in turn.

She was now sceaming as she wanked herself. Just then she stood up and removed her skirt, leaving her stood in only her black hold ups.

She turned around and backed up against the wall inserting one of the cocks inside her and started fucking it for all her worth whilt sucking and wanking the other.

It was not long until I heard the groans of the lads and she had a load of cum inside her and one down her throat.

She then sat back on the chair and I wanked until I came all over her face.

The lads were under instruction to leave before either of us left the box which they duly did so neither of knew which cock was which.

It was the most erotic experience I will ever encounter. Until the next gloryhole session anyway.