Written by ex very frustrated husband

28 Apr 2006

This is a true story that happened some years ago to my wife( who I am now recently divorced from). It is quite a long story but is well worth the wait.

Just a bit of background on my ex wife, she is 31(12 yrs younger than me), 5ft 4" lovely 34D breasts and has a great ass. Ever since we first met over 8 years ago, she has been a flirt and an exhibitionist. She always goes out in jeans and trousers and tracksuit bottoms which are very low, and therefore this means her g strings(which are the only sort of knickers she wears- the smaller the better is her expression!!) are very visible especially when she is bending over or down.When she wears skirts she insists on short ones with slits up the side, so that in the winter when she is sat down her stocking tops are visible. And in the summer she loves nothing more than flimsy cotton dresses and tops which when worn with no bra show off her magnificent tits(her nipples are the biggest and darkest I have ever seen on a white girl- maybe 4" diameter!)

Now for the story. She used to work as an assistant in a private residential home, and had done for 2years. As it was privately owned, there was no uniform so the workers wore what they like. My wife would insist on wearing the same every day(she has 5 dresses exactly the same!), as she said she liked to be in a sort of uniform, but I think it was because she likes showing herself off that she ! The dresses were all white and are 100% cotton, and therefore are almost totally see through!! In the summer this shows off her g string and bra, and in the winter it shows off her gstring/bra and suspender belt and stockings as she refuses to wear tights. Occasionally she has worn a white basque/stockings/suspenders and g string- god knows what the other employees and visitors think??!! I have spoken to her about this in the past and she just said it is what she is comfortable in and if other people don't like it then that is their problem!Anyway, there were about 17 residents, and they were predominantly women but there were 5 men. One day she started telling me about a guy called Frank who had been transferred from another home, who was 75 but quite agile and was very with it for his age. She felt sorry for him that he had to be in a home, but he didn't have any family and wanted to be with other people for company. She would always find extra time to talk to him as she could have a conversation with him whereas a lot of residents were on their last legs! She would always talk about him and used to say that he was a dirty old man, and that he would always be suggestive to her ie he would say, does your husband know how lucky he is, or if only I was 40 years younger etc etc. After a while, he started be more adventurous, like he would grab her if she was passing or make lewd comments about her underwear ar her breasts. When she walked past him she would always see him transfixed on her and this used to make her "play" up to him ie by bending down right in front of him for a long time so that he could see her underwear, or put her arms on his hips as she passed. One day he caught her in the corridor and said that he wished he could see her without her dress on as he has never seen a gstring in the flesh before, and when he was younger knickers like that didn't exist?? She just said "maybe one day" to him, and he couldn't believe this as he was expecting a put down! Well after that the conversations got smuttier and more suggestive, and she would always come home and tell me about them and afterwards we would make very passionate love as she used to be extremely aroused by it all. When we were making love one day, she jokingly said what would I think if he tried to come on to her, and I said fine as long as you tell me about it? She was shocked by this but I told her he was no threat to me, and she is a very sexual person and needs satisfying more than I could manage(this was due to the age differnce betwween us). Not long after this, she was due to work a week of nights due to staff shortages etc, and said that if anything was to happen then this would be the time. It got to the stage that she seemed obsessed by Frank, and would always talk about him and I felt that he would definitely get his way with her! After two nights she told me that she had a plan and would tell me all about it after her shift had finished. I was very aroused and excited that night thinking anout what was happening. When she got back in the morning, she was not her usual self and explained what had happened the night before. Apparently, when she made her checks at about 12pm on the residents she noticed that Frank who was in a room with 2 others, would always be reading his book when she went in(she was sure it was porno stuff!) and everyone else would be asleep. She had made her mind up what she was going to do the previous night, and did her checks as usual and left Franks room till the last. She peeked around the door and noticed that he was reading, so she rushed back to her office put on her high heel shoes, took off her bra, and left on her stocking/suspenders and tiny white lace g string and undid the top two bottoms on her dress so that her cleavage was visble. As she was walking down the corridor she could feel herself getting very wet down below, and her nipples were sticking out like bullets She approached his room and walked in straight over to the two others to check that they were asleep. As she turned round to go to Franks bed she could see he was looking at her high heel shoes, and as she got closer and in the light his eyes popped out on stalks as he saw her breasts bursting out and the two enormous nipples sticking through the flimsy material. They had a little chat during which he did not take his eyes off her tits!! Then she asked if he wanted his pillows puffed up, he said yes please and this was her chance. She leant over him to get the pillows behaind his head and pushed her breats in his face "by accident!". oops sorry she said, to which he replied don't be! So she proceeded to puff up the pillows behind his head with her chest in his face. She made sure that she was in such a position so that her was open and that he would be able to see not only her breast but half of her nipple. She felt his breathe on her breast and stayed in the same position for some seconds, it was now that she was desperate for his cock. She put her hand on the bed and could feel his cock under the sheets,and it was very very hard, which pleased her immensely. Whilst she was pretending to be adjusting his bedclothes, she felt his hand run up her leg, and over her stocking tops and suspenders and up to the tiny g string, she felt as though she was going to come there and then as it was so intense and "naughty". Frank then played with the tiny back and sides of her g string for sometime, she thought he was fascinated by them?? All this took place very quickly, but it seemed like ages, and she so so wanted more, so she positioned herself so that he was now rubbing her pussy rather than her g string. He pushed his fingers against her cloth around the pussy, and then pushed up towards her clit! She was in heaven, and after no time she let out a moan as she had her first orgasm. He then took out his cock, which was 7" and circumcised and told her to suck it, she took the whole lot in her mouth and devoured it. All she wanted was to taste his hot spunk in the back of her mouth! He continued to play with her ass, g string and suspenders and she could feel him clenching as if he was going to explode in her mouth. Just seconds later he let out an almighty groan as he elaculated a mass of spunk into her mouth, she thought the noise might wake up the others but was too horny to worry about it. She sucked every drop out of him. She was just about to get into bed with him as she was desperate for a fuck, when he said what are you doing?? She was totally shocked, what do you mean what am I doing she said aggresively. Frank then just said to her that he would fuck her when he wanted to not when she wanted to, and that he wanted to go to sleep now?? She was totally mortified by this, and could not believe that a 75 year old man was turning dwon a fuck from her! She did herself up and stormed out of the room without saying another word. She got back to her office and just sat down in disbelief at what had happened. WHilst she was very angry, when she thought about it she was getting very aroused again and put her feet up on the desk and masturbated until she had her second orgasm of the night! This was why she was down when she got home, but after telling me the story I fucked her straight away

over the kitchen table- it was an incredible fuck. As she was getting ready or work that night, I noticed her get out he basque top which she kept for special occasions only. What are you doing I said, and she told me that she was determined that tonight Franks was going to fuck her brains out whether he liked it or not?? I had never seen her so determined. She then proceeded to put on her white basque,stockings, white t bar backed g string and put her 6" high heels in a bag. The next day she told me what had happened, and it just blew my mind, she was so high it was as if she had taken drugs when she told me?? This is what happened that night. She got to work and did all her usual stuff etc, and eventhough she bumped into Franks she was very curt with him and didn't stop to chat. She did notice however that he was paying special attention to her basque- got you you bastard she thought!! She really turned it on then and made sure whenever she was near him that he got a good eyeful of everything she had to offer, and made sure that he saw her g string through her dress on every occassion, as this was obviously a fetish of his. As the night wore on she was doing some paperwork in the office, and all she could think about was Frank and how she was going to seduce him?? In the office there are buzzers for the rooms, that the residents press is they want attention. Well it was 11.15pm and everything was quiet and all were in bed, when the buzzzer from Frank's room sounded in the office?? She rushed out of her office and into his room and straight to his bed where it looked as though he was lying on his side under the sheets. As she pulled back the sheets, she noticed there were just pillows in the bed. The next thing she knew was that she had been pushed from behind onto the bed face down! Before she knew what was happening a man had hold of both her hands and was holding her over the bed. Then a hand from behind pulled up her dress to her waist so that she was totally exposed. She looked in front of her and saw that the man holding her hands was Joe, who was a resident and who shared the room with Frank!! Then as a hand worked its way up her body, she heard Frank whisper in her ear "now you are going to get a good fucking you little whore". This just didn't seem real, she was going to be by Frank!!!Her pussy was throbbing for him now and was gushing like the niagra falls. She just wanted him inside of her! But as usual he made her wait, by playing with her underwear and then burying his head into her pussy and pulling her g string to one side pushed his tongue up her pussy, nibbling and sucking and blowing. Within 30 seconds she cried out as she had an almighty orgasm. Frank then told Joe to get his cock out and stick it in my wifes mouth! This he did, and she was forced to suck on it and enjoy it. Whilst she was doing this, she felt Frank's body next to hers, and all of a sudden she felt his cock inside of her. The force was so great that she came gain immdeiately. While Frank was fucking her from behind he proceeded to tell her that he had wankd off 3 times that day thinking about her, and that he wasn't going to come for a long time! She turned around and said to him "thank god for that, just fuck me hard you dirty old bastard". It wasn't long before Joe came all over her face, as she doesn't swallow for everyone, only the special ones as she says. SHe said they then proceeded to fuck in every position known, and for about 25 minutes during which time she came another 3 times. She told me it ws the best fuck she ever had, and after that enjoyed many more romps with Frank(even at our house in our bed!) until he was sent to another home. After that she developed a taste for older men, and rape fantasies many of which we indulged in with numerous other men. When I have got time I will write in with more of my fond memories of my ex wife being fucked by OAP'S!