Written by Graham

2 Jan 2007

This is something that happened just before Christmas.

We belong to a national group that has various members from all different walks of life and of a full range of ages, that has regular get togethers. I am 38 and my wife, Jude is 36.

We went to a get together in early December, and we were staying in a hotel as were a few other members, including one of our friends, Will. He is just turned 19 and has just started at University. After the get together, we headed back to our various accommodation and Will came back with us to the hotel. He had brought some booze with us and Jude offered him a nightcap in our room, which he obviously didn’t turn down.

After a few drinks the conversation got a bit racier, with Jude asking Will about his girlfriends, of which he had had quite a few, he told her that very few women could resist his seven and a half inches of cock and said, ‘Do you want to try it?’

Jude laughed and said he’d have to ask me. By this point I was already very hard and so I said, ‘Go ahead if you want to love.’

At that point the atmosphere changed. Will reached over and grabbed Jude’s hand and placed it on the growing bulge in his trousers. She massaged it through the material, then looked at me and said, ‘Sorry’ and grinned. He unzipped him and took his cock straight into her mouth.

She sucked on his cock for a few minutes, then Will said, ‘Fuck it, get your clothes off.’ The next thing I knew, I’m watching Jude on her knees, with her head on the bed and her arms out in front of her as Will is lining up his big hard teenage cock with her pussy. He turned to look at me and grinned as her started to push it up inside her. She had her eyes closed and her hands pulled on the sheets as he pushed it all into my wife.

As he fucked her like this I got my clothes off and sat watching and wanking my 6” cock slowly.

Will looked across at me and licked his finger, then grinned as he pushed it up my wife’s arse. She moaned, then said, ‘Stick your cock up there.’ He grinned even more as he lined up his knob with her arsehole and then pushed.

It was too tight at first, so I threw him her bottle of moisturiser that we use when I fuck her arse and he slopped some all over his prick and her arsehole, before thrusting the whole of his young cock up her arse. She moaned and said, ‘Is it all in?’

He said, ‘Yes.’

She then said, ‘Fuck me harder, please.’

I sat there and watched, wanking my cock as my 36 year old wife was being arsefucked by a teenager.

Just before he came, he pulled out and pulled off his condom, then shoved his dick into her mouth, pumping hard before shooting his load in her mouth. She doesn’t swallow, so she just dribbled Will’s come down her chin, which was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen.

Will pulled on his clothes and went back to his room and I went over and gave Jude a big kiss, feeling his sperm smearing onto my face.

We have talked about the experience and Jude has been e-mailing him. He wants her to visit him at Uni, so she can meet a few friends of his. I’ll let you know if she takes him up on his offer, and if so, what happens.