Written by jas&pam

26 Nov 2005

Due to work commitments we have been unable to see many guys recently but we made plans to go out last night to the swingers club in london.We are part time swingers or rather i like to watch my gorgeous wife,pam have fun.Pam looked so horny wearing a black dress with matching bra and underwear.We got there about ten o clock and it was quite busy but we knew it would get even more busier around 11,so we resisted early action.As is the case,there were more single guys than couples and a few approached pam but she declined any approaches.About an hour later a middle aged couple introduced themselves to us as ian and julie.They were very friendly and we got comfortable with each other.Ian started to touch pam very gently to which pam replied with a smile,she was getting hot.Ian said he would love to fuck pam as he had never fucked an indian girl before and always found them attractive.I told ian that i only like to watch and reminded them that they were a couple,to which julie said,its no problem we can both watch.I looked at pam and sensed she was ready and said ok lets look for some privacy.I led the way with pam in the middle of julie and ian.I looked around and could feel all eyes were on us or should i say on my wife.We found a private room and i sat next to julie and let ian and pam get it on.Ian must have been in his early fifties and pam is only 25,it must have felt awesome for him to have someone so young and hot.I unzipped my flies to get my cock out as ian was undressing my wife.When pam was undressed she was left with only her bra and thongs,ian began to remove his clothes,as he did i saw his cock was rock hard and it was quite big for a man of his age.Ian picked pam up in his arms and placed her on the mattress and spread himself on top of her and they began to kiss each other full on the lips,the kisses becoming wetter and wetter.Ian was using his experience,gently turning my young wife on.Pam began to moan gently as ian moved carefully down to pams semi shaven pussy and gave a big lick on her pussy lips,causing pam to moan and touch ians head with pleasure.Ian licked pams pussy for a good ten minutes untill she was soaking wet.He then went back at top and presented his dribbling cock to my wife to suck.When my wife started to suck his cock,it nearly sent me to orgasm but i stopped just in time.Pam is so good at sucking cock and i knew she was doing a good job on ian because he was flinching and closing his eyes a lot.As pam was sucking ians cock,julie left my side and moved in to pams pussy.It jolted pam a little but the she started to grind her hips in pleasure.I have never seen my wife with another woman before and this only added to my excitement.By now the lust was in the air and ian asked pam to go on all fours,which she did without delay.Ian asked pam if she was ready and pam just nodded and arching her bum into ians cock.Ian looked up at me asked if he could do my wife bareback to which i said "its ok shes on the pill".Ian pulled his cock back and gently eased his cock into my wifes pussy.Pam moaned in pleasure and she was rubbing her own pussy from underneath.To see your wife fucking another man in front of you is so horny,that i never regret it afterwards.Julie came back to my side and held my hand and we were both watching our spouses fucking,so awesome indeed!.Ian realy fucked pam so expertialy that she admitted to me today that she never came so many times before.I went closer to see the action and could see ians cock was realy streching my wifes pussy to the max.Pams back was slightly wet with sweat but ian kept pumping the pussy harder and harder while occasionly spanking pams bum real hard which pam loves.After about 20 minutes of hardcore fucking ian pulled out and sent loads of come all over my wifes back and ass.They both collapsed on the bed and began to kiss,but they were getting slower and slower,i knew both had had enough.I t was the end for pam because she fucked two other guys later and did anal with another.Pam is so tired today that while i write this she is sleeping it over.