Written by Mike

26 Oct 2005

Followiwng on from the night before when Claire told Des to return in the morning.

The next day I left for work early. I knew that Des was comming round to fuck Claire. I also knew that up to now he had yet to see the wanton woman that she could be, he had triggered this the previous evening. By telling him to come round in the morning and that he would have every hole, she was betraying the deepest of passion, lust and the willingness to completely give herself. When she was like this the prime driver was her own satisfaction. The one thing that impressed me most about this was that she never planned such a session before, it had only happened previously in the moment, a spontaneous reaction to her own passion. Claire did not ask you to fuck her arse for your pleasure, it was simply for hers. knowing this was the turn on for me when we did it, with this I knew that new territory was established if she was asking for it the night before. In short Des had turned her on in a way she had not experienced before and she was going to control it.

The rest is how she told me. I did not get all of the story in one go, over time bits would be revealled. She was not trying to conceal anything, she just does not posses the mind that divulges events in a complete cronological order.

Returning from dropping our son at school she had time for a shower. She applied make up and a deep luxurious rouge covering on her lips. She then dressed in a one piece black body almost like a basque. Gold trimming waved down its lenght on each side. Straps along the bottom attatched black stockings. She then put on some red heeled shoes and finished off by wearing a black lacy see through shirt, un buttoned.

She had planned to fuck in the kichen as our bedroom was in the process of redecoration, not wanting to draw the curtains in the living room or dining romm, she place the cussions from the sofa on the kitchen floor. A bottle of baby oil was place on the worktop.

On his arrival, Claire let Des in to the porch, closed the front door and stood looking at him saying 'don't touch, I want you to take out your cock and wank it hard.' On its release it was absolutley ready. She told him 'when ever you leave after a visit we always kiss here and there is still too much passion waiting to be satisfied.' As she spoke these words she began to un do the studs at the base of the basque. She turned round placed her hands on either side of the door frame, bent over and whispered(she was very specific about this as her legs were almost buckling and she was definetly swooning) 'fuck me'. He responded by rubbing his cock along her soaking slit and eased it up into her. Reaching round he realesed her full breasts, fondling them as he kissed and nipped her neck.

'We did it like that for a few minutes very slowly, he knew how I wanted it, he was so hard and his cock touched all of the right places inside', she told me later. She reached under herself and took the base of his cock in between her thumb and middle finger, but could not get all of the way round it. Never the less the desired effect was acheived as he quickened, stiffened and unleashed a huge wad of spunk inside her, triggering her own orgasm. She turned and they kissed long knowing that today they had plenty of time unlike the previous night.

She led him to the kitchen where he undressed. Claire sat on a breakfast bar stool, lifting one leg on to the top. Fingering her self slowly, tasting their come, 'I made Mike lick it all out of me last night, and all of the time I could only think of what we had done and what we would do today. Go down on me.' He pulled her lips apart and worked her clit again, reaching up for her breasts and eventually comming up for a kiss he entered her wetness hard making her gasp. She forced him away and taking the oil led on the cushions.

Goodness only knows what state he had managed to whip her into the previous evening as this passion had been put on hold and was now in its full throe. The sex that I had with her after he left last night was amazing, she said so her self, but now somthing unexpected had occurred she could not describe it, only knew what she wanted to do.

Claire sucked his cock enjoying it jerking in her mouth. So very hard he put one hand behind her head to lend support so she could word on it. 'This will stay hard for ages now I've come' he said 'you can do anything you want.'

She told him to fuck her again. She had an extra cushion under her arse making the penetration inside of her cunt 'unbelievably good'. They fucked, he sucked her nipples, they exchanged masses of kissing. She then told him to fuck her 'up my bum'. She oiled his cock, he asked her to turn over but it was her way she wanted it on her back because she knew in this position his pelvic bone would rub on her clitoris whilst he fucked her arse.

He entered her and she immediatley told him to take it out, reassuring him that she always needed to do it like this first. After a minute she told him to try again very slowly, getting used to the feel of it. 'Don't move yet, thats it, slowly agghhh gooood yess yess.' I could well imagine this as on the odd occasion we had done anal the form was exactly the same. I also knew how he would feel. It was not the fact that he was fucking Claire up the arse but how much she was turned on before and how much that had increased as you were getting in to it and she was beggining to urge you on.

'He fucked me very slowly but I began to tell him harder and he was reluctant at first but I was so turned on that I began to pump my hips forcing to keep up. He then got the jist and really gave it to me. My orgasms started and they did not stop, my first multiple orgasms except they were multiple multiples. As he began to grown I told him not inside of me, he pulled out and I could not believe the masses of spunk that he sprayed all over me, my tits and face'. I have never felt so good. We kissed and he was quickley back inside of me for ages and ages. I came over and over, but eventually had to get him to come again as I just could not go on. He pulled out and told me to take it in my mouth, I really wanted it there, to please him, as he had just given me the best sex of my life.'

Bits of this related to me over time are logged so deeply in my mind. Once you know that it's just sex, you can really handle it. You don't have to do this all of the time, this happened over 10 years ago and after Des we have never done it again. Claire is now 34 and more ravishing than ever. I'm ready to try it again, but she isnn't. But if you ever see a green eyed girl with the world's best smile, blonde hair and amazing breasts, give it a shot you never know, she may just be ready again. And if she is boy you are in for the treat of a life time.