Written by Horny AS

5 Jan 2005

I have always wanted to watch my wife Dee fuck another man, which she has always been coy about, that is until last weekend.

We went to club which has an upstairs lounge, me and Dee were sitting down chatting and after a while I went to the bar to get anoher drink. It was really busy and took me about 20 minutes to get served. When I came back there was a guy sitting chatting to my wife, he started to get up and apologised as he thought Dee was on her own, I said not to worry and he sat down again. He introduced himself as Steve from London and was in the Midlands on business. He was good looking guy in his early thirty's and I could see Dee liked talking to him.

Now my wife is in her late thirty's and has sholuder length blond hair and a nice figure that attracts looks from lots of guys when we go out. After a while Steve went off to get a drink for us and while he was gone Dee said 'you know you want me to fuck another guy while you watch, how about Steve ?' My heart started to race and my cock harden, I couldn't let this opportunity pass, so nodded my head.

As the night went on I noticed Steve had put his hand on Dee's stocking clad thigh and later moved it up inside her dress until he was eventually stroking her pussy through her knickers. Dee was enjoying every minute of it and she snogged him for a while and I could see Steve had now got a finger inside her knickers and was finger-fucking her pussy.

At the end of the night Steve asked us if we wanted to go back to his hotel for a night-cap, 'you mean you want to screw my wife' I said, he nodded in agreement.

When we got to Steve's hotel room, he took off Dee's dress and lay her on the bed. She was naked except for her hold-ups and her g-string. He stripped off and exposed a stiff thick meaty 9" cock which Dee gobbled on like a whore. I was ready to explode and had now got my cock out and was wanking it like mad.

Steve pulled off Dee's knickers and exposed her shaved (except for a 'landing strip') pussy and buried his face in it. Dee was now really worked up and said 'fuck me, I need it now. Steve needed no invitation and lay on top of her and guided his massive tool into my wife's tight pussy and preceeded to fuck her slowly and then very fast. After a while her turned her over and fucked her 'doggy' style, Dee was loving it, she pumped her arse backwards in rythmn as he gripped her waist and shot his spunk inside her. She lay on her back and called me over, Steve's spunk was dribbling out her pussy and down to her arse, I couldn't hold back and I shot my spunk over her small but firm tits. We crashed out on the two beds and went to sleep.

In the morning I was awoken by a moaning and as the room was dark as the curtains were drawn it took me a while to focus. I could then see Dee on top of Steve riding his cock for all it's worth, saying 'give me your spunk, I love it' I slowly wanked my cock and watched as Steve moaned and filled Dee with his cum again. Later Dee sucked Steve until he was hard again and she lay on her back and her fucked her and shot his spunk in her for a third time.

When we got home later that morning I fucked Dee while she told me she would like to fuck another stranger.

What a lucky guy I am !