Written by Gerry

20 Jun 2004

Heather (H) and Brian have been away since last week and don't get

back until tomorrow -Monday. H has always wanted to see New York

(she's a huge Friends fan) and to be able to go with her latest lover on

an all expenses paid break was a dream come true for her. There is

an architectural confernce in NY (actually Brian's acrchitectural

company are involved in part of ther replacement for the TWin Towers)

nad H has gone on tghe trip as his PA or as she put it ' Penis Admirer'.

H is really besotted with Brian and I have never seen act like this

before; she's even drastically cut down on her lovers as she very much

only has eyes for this older man. He's very well off (top of the range

Lexus and a £750,000 house in a small and very selct village a few

miles from here) and that is very important to H.

Brian is some 10 years older than me and H never misses an

oportunity to berate me and remind me that this older man has a much

bigger cock (8 inches to my 5) and he can get it ip three or fouur times

in a night whereas I come all too quickly and that;s it for for at least 24

hours. Brian is married though his wife turns a blind eye to his affairs

so long as he is discreet about them.

Brian treats me with contempt and it's plain that he thinks I'm a waste

of space. He's even told H that I'm not to share a bed with my wife so I

am now in the spare room snd sleeping in a single bed. I was allowed

in 'their' bedroom last weekend when Brian stayed over the night and

the kids were at their grandparents. I have to say that Brian really is

something in the sack; he gave H such a pounding and I know I could

never compete with him.

I was allowed to watch them make love with the proviso that I wasn't to

wank off. Seeing H on her back, those long legs on Brian's shoulders

and watching his cock thrusting in and out my wife's shaven pussy was

such a turn on for me. H can be very vocal and listening to her strident

yelling of ' fuck me lover, stick that thick prick in my shaven cunt!' made

me cum in my trousers. The sight of her big tits, which I'd paid for (H

had a boob job going from 36b to 36DD) showing the love bites and

bruises inflicted by Brian is a sight I will remember for a long, long time.

Whne they had finsihed this frantic, sweaty, noisy love making sessiojn

I was demeaningly sent out of the room by Brian to fetch drinks and run a bath for H. Brian taunted me in his precise Scots accent and said that if he wanted my wife all he had to do was click his fingers and she'd come running. The look on his face was one of contempt and arrogance but I just couldn't argue with this man wh'd just given my wife a fucking of tghe likes I can only dream of.

Brian has a one grown up child, a daughter aged about 25 and who has just presented him with his first grandchild- a boy. However, H tells me that Brian always wanted a son and seeing his grandson makes him want a hie even more. H is, I think, hinting that she'd have her lover's baby. It would be a way of having a link to her latest man and she would like another kid before she gets to 40- she's 37. Who knows, maybe she'll be back from New York with some permanant 'excess baggage'.