Written by Jack

30 Nov 2003

Beth and I went round to her cousin Liz and her husband Dave for a Friday evening meal,something we did quite often.

This night the kids had been sent to stay with Granny and we had a lovely meal with lots to drink. Beth and I were invited to stay the night as we could not drive home. O K we said no problem.

We slept in the spare bedroom, they were in theirs.

next morning we woke about 9 and all was quite. beth said she would go and make a coffee for us and off she went.

10 minutes later she was back, apparantly Dave had had to go to work and Liz was still in bed. Beth gave me my coffee and said she would be back soon she was just taking Liz a drink.

20 minutes went by and Beth not back, so off I went looking for her, called her name and she replied I am here in Liz and Daves room, come in.

I went in and she and Liz are in the bed chatting (as cousins do ).

Oh I said I thought there was a problem but as you are ok I will go and get dressed and have some breakfast.

Come in they both said together so in I went and sat on the edge of the bed.

At that point Beth said you had better get in so you don't get cold and I got in beside her. At this point Liz said I think you had better get in between us so that I don't feel a gooseberry.

So I climbed over Beth and snuggled down between them. i am in my boxers and they both have t shirts on.

Liz took the initative and said what you got in the boxers then, i just muttered something and looked embaressed, she meanwhile put her hand down and felt my growing cock, Very nice she said, then wow its hot in here I must take my t shirt off, and as she did I had my very first view off her massive tits, go on touch them she said, not knowing how Beth felt I turned to her to see what she said and noticed that she was also taking her T shirt off, go on then she said one hand on hers and one on mine.

Well here i am 2 women both naked and inviting me to massage their tits, thought I had died and gone to heaven !

Liz by now had my cock right out and suggesting I finger her cunt, again looked at my wife for "approval" and agin she said you got 2 hands we got 2 cunts, so now I am really at it ! finger each then 2 then 3 each. They are now both very wet and Liz says fuck me, looked to Liz who said yes go for it she is related after all so no harm in a bit of fun. So there I was giving my wifes cousin a good fucking with my beloved watching it all - my very first time.

Wow it was good, soon we both came and then Liz got fingering Beth and they both came , soon after that I was ready again and gave Beth one of the best fucks we ever had.

Nearlly lunch time now got to get up and go home but it was the start of more to come and Dave was at work and never knew his wife had been fucked that morning.

But we had lots more fun and eventually let Dave join in too but that is another story another day.