Written by Ross

3 Dec 2006

About 5 years ago my 37 year old wife Carla first

began taking driving lessons,i had offered myself

but she found me a little too impatient and we often

ended up arguing.It did not concern me too much at

first that her instructor was a male as he was quite

elderly (well in his 60's) with white hair and a

handlebar moustache (i learned later he was ex RAF).

However my suspicions where first raised a little when

i returned early from work one day and found him drinking

coffee with Carla in our kitchen, "Oh this is Reginald" my

wife said,and he rose and offered me his huge hand,he stood

over 6 feet tall and his voice boomed "How do you do?".

Carla is short and plump,dark haired and quite pretty,

she also has a huge pair of breasts that i often

see men looking at,and today i noticed that Carla

had on a white blouse and that the buttons where

undone enough to give a very good view of her cleavage

and bra.

It came as a big shock when i finally learned the truth

about my wifes liasons with Reginald,and it was a great

humiliation to have been cuckholded by this older man,

especially the hurtful realisation that this man

was a masterful lover and very well endowed.