Written by jock

23 Jan 2007

this is a true story which happened about 5years ago, i wish it was just a fantasy but i can't deny that it happened.

It happened on a friday night about a month before christmas my wifes sister's birthday and they decided to go clubbing, we had an agreement that she would be in for 3am as i was going to the football on the saturday and it was a 12.30pm kick off, the reason for this as i get worried and like to know she is in allright and stay up and wait for her ( plus i usually get a good session when shes drunk ).

Anyway she must've drank about half a bottle of vodka before she went out about 6pm to go down to her sisters and was allready very tipsy she looked good as allways.

Shes small about 5ft 4 with 36c and a great ass first thing that i had noticed about her the first time we met.

So i got the weans settled in bed and sat down with a couple of cans of beer and watched a film on cable, i must've dosed off when i heard the alarm go ( i allways set my alarm for 3am when she goes out in case i dose off) no sign of her 4am still no sign of her, i rang her mobile it was turned off, i phoned her sister and her husband answered it he said she was in but was upset and did'nt want to come to the phone as she had a fight with the wife (later found out this was a lie)

eventually the door opened at 8am i was furious, started shouting where the fuck were you, she said she got into a fight after her sister got a taxi and got jailed i half believed her story but before we got together i knew she had a reputation for a bit of a cock lover and was an easy lay from what i had heard about her, so this was on my mind to.

Anyway my worst fears were true on the bus travelling up to game i heard a guy talking about a women he had done about 3hrs ago how he had her from about 4am to just after 7am how she was married and husband was sitting at home watching her kids while he fucked her brains out, my mind was swimming telling myself it could've been anyone and trying to convince myself it was'nt her, after the football was done i made a point of trying to get a seat next to the guy on the way back from the game i knew him pretty well so we got talking and asked him if he wanted to go back to the club for a curer, we sat for a couple of hours and i could see he was getting pissed, i could'nt help myself so when he said he was going for a pee i followed him into toilet jesus the bastard was massive must've been 7inches limp and very thick, i made a joke jesus mate bet the women love you, he laughed and said that they do,i gave some married slut a night she will never forget this morning while her husband was at home watching the kids, i said good on ye mate, anyone i know, he said i might and told me how the bitch would'nt go for it as she was worried that the husband would find out if she was late in, but he told her just to make up some story that she got jailed for fighting. THAT WAS IT, it fucking was her i was going to kill the bastard were he stood but i wanted to know everything that happened as i knew the bastard would brag about it anyway.

He told me how he seen her standing outside the nightclub with her sister and thought he'd try his luck as she was totally pissed, he asked her for a cig, small talk usual shit and flirting then he asked her if she was hungry the bitch said she was starving one thing led to another and they ended up back at his flat he told me how he had just got her in and was all over her usual shit rubbing her cunt and groping her tits and she loved it he got her into the bedroom and ate her cunt through her trousers he told me you could feel her wetness through her trousers, at this point i wanted to kick his head in but decided i wanted to hear the whole lot as i'm sure she would'nt tell me if i confronted her he then proceeded on how he got her naked and fucked her with his fingers and tongue even her ass, all i could say was the dirty slut, then he told me something that shocked me, he told me the bitch was so drunk that he fucked her with a empty bottle of beer while he fucked her ass with his fingers the bitch was moaning im sure the whole street would hear her, but i was just getting her wet for my cock he laughed (bastard) i then kneeled against her face and started slapping her face with my cock she looked at it and just grabbed it and sucked me like a slut should ( i was saying to myself this bastards full of shit, but then i knew when the missus was pissed and you get her worked up she can be a total slut)

I stopped her sucking me and went to her cunt she was trying to move up to meet me and get my cock inside of her but i was making the bitch wait then when she was begging me to fuck her i fucked her everyway possible she was screaming the house down telling me to fuck her ( i knew she could take his full length easy as i have fucked her hard with the biggest cucumbers i could find and she loved it ) he told me how he got her to sit on his cock and guided it up her ass he said he was suprised at how easy it went in, but i was'nt as i had fucked her ass many times with my cock and toys to, he also said she must have been a total slag to let a stranger fuck her ass so easily, i agreed, he told me how he fucked her deep in her ass and she pulled her bum cheeks apart to get him all in, at this point i started to get a semi and i thought to myself that it wasnt right getting a hard on this bastard had fucked my wife, it was this point i decided to put a plan together to get the bitch back.

Anyway the story went on and he told me how he fucked her ass pussy and mouth every way he could, how he came in her pussy and ass and how the slut was ready to go at about 6am and he fucked her again up the ass while using the bottle of beer on her cunt against the front door and made her swallow all his cum after he had fucked her ass, he even offered jokingly to let me smell his fingers as he could still smell her as he had'nt time to shower as he had to get ready for the football i passed and said you're allright mate.

Closing time came and i rang home there was no answer so i guessed she must've been in bed and my plan was in full swing.

I asked him did he want to come back to mines and i'll get a carry out from behind the bar the kids and the wifes in bed anyway, i joked with him i'm glad the wifes in bed as she would'nt be safe with you, he laughed back no mate i would'nt do that to you, i mumbled under my breath you bastard you allready did.

So we got in my house and we went into living room and put on some music and i went into the kitchen to get bottle opener and a couple of glasses, while in the kitchen i made a point of looking through the washing basket to see if i could find definate proof there it was stuffed right down the bottom of the basket was her knickers and trousers both black so it was'nt hard to see the stains and there were plenty of them on her knickers i found myself sniffing them that was all the proof i needed they reeked of sex, so i stuck them back in and went back into living room with the glasses and opener after about an hour i thought i'd better get stage 2 of my plan into action before she came down the stair and ruined it, so i made an excuse that my stomach was killing me and had to go to toilet upstairs and told him to feel free to look through my music collection as i would probally be 5 - 10mins, so i went up stair and set plan b in motion.

I crept in room quietly she was sound lying on her back under covers but naked as she allways does go to bed that way her legs were apart so i had easy access to her cunt and ass i slipped a couple of fingers in her there were was no doubting it now she had well and truly been fucked i stripped down and climbed on top of her and started fucking her for all i was worth hoping he wouldnt hear us down stairs but i think the music would drown it out, i told her she was soaking and did'nt seem as tight as usual she told me to shut up and fuck her she was just horny and had masterbated before she went to sleep then she told me to cum in her ( covering her tracks the bitch in case she got pregnant ) i duly obliged and shot what seemed like a waterfall of cum in her seemed hearing about her fucking had a positive effect on me as she said thats the best i've fucked her for years, anyway stage 3 was about to kick in, i told her i was fucking knackered no sleep from friday night and i had a skinful as i was in the club from about 4oclock today and was pissed and asked her could she go downstairs and turn of the hifi and the lights, so i lay there and she went down the stairs naked i lay in bed and could hear whispering after about 5mins my wife came up the stairs and i pretended to be sleeping snoring my head off, she tried to wake me by shaking me and said you bastard you knew he was down there, after a minute or so of trying to wake me i thought she was going to get back into bed but she did'nt she crept out of the room and went back down the stairs.

THE SLUT i thought shes gonna bang him again in my house on my sofa, i wanted to go down the stairs right then, but something stopped me, what the fuck was i doing my wife was gonna fuck monster cock again and i was going to let it happen.

After about 5mins i tip toed out the room and snuck half way down the stairs the music was still on so i dont think they heard me after a couple of minutes the cd finished and i could now hear it my wife moaning trying to stop herself from moaning to loud i sat on the stairs for a couple of minutes listening to them i didnt even realise it but i had started rubbing my cock and was gradually getting harder and i relised this was really getting me excited when i heard her say no way you'll get that inside me i was dying to go in and see what he was talking about but i didnt after a minute or so she let out a loud moan saying i cant believe thats in me, it was dring me nuts what did he have in her, i then heard him say im going to fuck your ass again this time im not going to be gentle to start off, he then said to her i bet you would love two cocks in you she moaned yes, well next time i'll see what i can do, she moaned back yes yes, he then proceeded to fuck her relentless i dont know which positions he fucked her in as i had'nt been told and i'm sure he must've done her every way possible again as it lasted for about half an hour when i heard her say you better go in case he comes down the stair with that i went back to bed, 5 mins later and i heard the front door shut and the wife came to bed i waited until i was sure she was sleeping and put on the light and lifted the bottom half of the bed sheets what i seen was unbelievable her pussy was all red and puffed up and her ass hole was red and cum was running down the crack of her ass i just stared at her and thought what a slut and finished of wanking myself and shot my cum all over her pussy not that she'd notice anyway.

I later found out what he had fucked her with that was so big as it had been moved, the bastard had fucked her with the lava lamp, i dont know how many more times he had fucked her but i have never had the courage to confront her over it incase i lose her at the time it tore me apart but 5 years on i think about those two nights and it gives me one the hardest hardons ive ever had.

Also i have got her back with 2 women the best one being her sister which is a story i will post when i get a chance