Written by the anon

7 Sep 2006

My wife and I had often talked about her having anal sex for the first time, and I had attempted before, but just entering placing my cock against her ass made her stop in pain.

I eventually got sick trying and spoke about it only to turn her on. I told her eventually I wasn't bothered with it. A while later, we were at a camping site and met other people our age and mingled ( I was 26 she was 23 ), ( a year ago ).

We all started getting a little naughty, dirty jokes becomming flirts and everyone was just getting horny from what was supposed to just be naughty fun ( well yeah sure !)

Anyways my wife blurted out how we had tried anal sex and how I was too big to break her in comfortably. I got up to get a drink, and upon returning, I was facing her and noticed how she was sitting, everyone could see your panty cladded pussy, she was waving her legs open and closed, and it was a great site for anyone I was sure.

I sat down and told Melissa what I just saw, and she rectified herself, and whispered into my ear that she was extremly horny. We both agreed to get up and go shag, our tent was quite a way away,when we got about half distance to it, we saw the coast was clear, so she lay on the floor on her back and pulled her panties to the side, as I pushed myself inside her I heard some voices so we both jumped up, we saw these 3 guys and a girl walking towards us, they had been joking earlier about all fucking this girl, and she was taking it with a pinch of salt, I had previously mentioned to Melissa how sexy I thought she was, and if it happened if we could watch.

I thought they convinced her to have their orgy when the girl came upto Melissa and asked her if she's go to the toilet with her, when she said yes, she turned to the guys and gave them a stupid look and told them she now has all the company she needs, and they weren't needed anymore, they walked off, and I picked up the other girl was getting irritated with the other guys with the attitude she was giving as she walked away.

The guys started asking me about why I didn't just make my girl bite it and let me push my way into her ass, and we were having, now that I think about it, pretty immiture talk ( tipsy talk ), somehow we ended up comparing dicks cause they didn't believe me when I told them my cock was too big to go easily into her ass, when they saw mine, they were surprised, then the one, Gary remarked that if I wanted he could break her into anal to smooth the way, then with a pause, and the other guys realiseing I was taking it with a pinch of salt, they also offered their services.

I told them they would being doing me a favour, they got excited, I thought they would get it that I was being sarcastic. I saw the two ming out the toilet and I thought how great it would be if I could fuck them both, the two were talking a giggling to each other, when they got to us Melissa whispered in my ear "she wants to take a peep at how big your dick is" then she turned around and Peter said to her, "How would you like it someone with a smaller dick than your husbands fucked you in the ass to make it easier for your husband in the future?"

I got mad, but before I could react Gary said "Your husband said it would be a favour to him" my anger quickly turned to defense when my wife looked at me and asked me with a smile if we had been talking about it, I said yes, then she asked me if I really said what I said, and I said yes.

"Well who's gonna do it?" she looked at them with a hint of excitment, I pinch her and whispered in her ear I was joking. The other guys heard me as they backed off a bit and went quiet, I heard one splutter a sorry.

She turned to me and looked a bit guilty, with that we started walking back, with the others behind us, Melissa whispered in my ear "are you going to show her your cock?"

I looked at her and smiled "If I showed her my cock she's have to fuck it" I said, expecting a little punch or something, but in a flash she replied

"I'm sure she will, and I will too, a 3some if you let the whoever it was fuck me in the ass, I promise it won't mean anything, I really want to do it" It must have taken her 3 seconds to say it all

I stopped walking and kissed her "come on, just to get us doing anal going, thats all" she said to me

Ok I said, she turned to the guys and told them the news, then she turned to the other girl, and told her in a sly way, "he said yes"

We started walking back and as we did my wife asked, who was going to give her anal, Gary said that he came up with the idea, and Melissa told started to try tell him rules, when the third guy, Ridney, blurted out that they joked about them all doing it. She gave out a little giggle and asked why not? I couldn't believe how she was reacting, I looked next to me to see Janine walking next to me and eyeing out where my cock was in my pants. We got to these guys tent, who were all staying together, when Melissa whipped off her panties and told the three guys to take off their pants, once they had she told them the guy with the smallest dick would go first, then the bigger, then the biggest, I just then realised how hard I actually was.

Melissa got on her knees, and immediatly jumped back up, she grabbed her panties and put her panties back on, the guys asked what was going on, when she got back on her knees, and pulled her dress up, and pulled her panties down only enough that they could only see her anal "My pussy is for my husband. You guys only get to see and fuck my ass" Peter motioned to go first, as he was the smallest when Janine stopped him "Have you never done anal? You can't just stick it in!" She got on her knees and started licking my wifes ass, I was so turned on I whipped my cock out, Janine saw it and told the guys to carry on, she came to me and asked if she could touch it. I looked at Janine and saw her eyes full of lust, I let her touch it, getting even harder, I looked at my wife and saw all 3 guys fighting to lick Melissa's ass, taking turns.

"My finger is going in a bit easier now" Gary said, I looked at Mellisa's face and saw although she was enjoying it, with a slight look of discomfort. "Ok fuck me now then Peter!" Peter got up, his cock was already hard and Slowly pushed his cock inside her, his 6 inches was big for her as she was a virgin there, she called me, I went to her, and while Peter was trying to ease his cock inside her, with the help of Janines guidence, Melissa told me she wants to suck me while they fucked her.

I was so horny I didn't even say anything I just stuck my cock in her mouth, the noise of Peter fucking my wifes ass, first slowly, getting faster, and the sight of this hot girl guiding him how to fuck her ass was such a turn on, I loved the site of him holding her hips and fucking her in the ass, " I'm gonna cum!" Peter said Janine shouted to take it out at the same time Melissa took my cock out her mouth and said the same thing, Peter took his cock out, I pulled her dress up further and told him to cum on her back, and while he spent all his load on her back I shoved my cock back in Melissa's mouth, and told her we got it all under control, before Peter had managed to spend every last drop on her back, Gary was already feeding his cock into her ass, I wanted to be inside her pussy so much, I told them to stop, I slipped under her and stuck my cock into her extremly wet pussy, Gary fed himself back into her ass and carried on, I looked up at my wife and remarked how I new she was enjoying it from the wetness of her pussy, Janine crouched between us

"I hope I'm getting rewarded for this!" I had to stop fucking my wifes pussy as Gary had now started pumping his cock into my wifes ass, I had to wait about a minute before he pulled out and shot his load on my wifes back, I started to fuck her pussy again when Rodney inserted himself into her "he fucked her leaning forward and remarked how now she was getting the bigger of the cocks and she was going to enjoy herself. I grabbed the sides of my wifes hips and started pumping inside her, Rodney was trying to match e and was balancing himself with a hand on each of her shoulders, but before long he had climaxed and spent himself all over her back too.

They all finished I said, Melissa looked at me but didn't say anything, I knew she had enjoyed herself "Want me to fuck you now?" She smiled, I continued to pump her pussy, when I heard Janine say, the three of you laster 6 and a hlaf minutes!

I stopped, and got behind my wife, but instead of entering her ass, I entered her pussy, and fucked her hard, Janine got the guys to get out the tent, I still remember them arguing it's thier tent.

As she closed the entrence to this tent she took her clothes off, "now it's my turn!" Melissa told her to hold on a second, as she said that she started to orgasm, I was ready too cum as well and blew my load inside her, the orgasm was very intense and I drew out of her and lay on the ground, Melissa had finished cumming before I had and I watched as insread of relaxing, she grabbed one of the guys clean shirts and started wiping thier cum off their back.

I love you baby she said, gave me a kiss, she rose to her knees and looked at Janine, just give him a little rest and he'll fuck us both again ok? She smiled and then asked Melissa if she could clean my cum out of her, and when Melissa said nothing, except fall back into my arms, Janine jumped between Melissa legs and started to lick her clean. After a few minutes Melissa was starting to moan and started wanking me, she whispered in my ear "I think she's french kissing my anal" I looked at her and smiled saying nothing.

Janine was looking hot licking my wife, her ass was in the air, heart shaped, with that sight and Melissa stroking my cock I was hard again, I noticed Janine looking at between me and my cock, we made eye contact, and got up "I'm not lesbian or bi, but I knew that would get you turned on again."

Janine got ontop of me and started to ride me, she was making all remarks like how good it felt and how she hadn't been laid in so long, and over and over how she needed it.

While she rode my cock my wife and I kissed, I came inside Janine, due to the fact I couldn't stop what I was doing. We all got as best dressed as we could and made our way to my tent, where we spent the last night with Janine without leaving our tent.

The next morning Melissa asked Janine nicely if she could leave as we wanted a little privacy, once she left Melissa told me it's my turn to fuck her in the ass.

I got behind her and as I tried to enter she made the sound of pain again, I tried to stop, and she told me just to go for it, she hadn't fucked those guys for nothing, I pushed my way into her, and I fucked her ass for about 15 mnutes while she screamed in pain, loving it the whole time, it went something likes this "Fuck thats sore! Fuck! God it feels so good, but so sore! Fuck me!"

Just about the whole campsite heard us, and we knew they could, so we planned to leave last, before we left Janine came back into our tent and asked Melissa how it was? When Melissa told her she enjoyed it, Janine asked if I could fuck her in the ass too, Melissa told her no, but if she wanted I could fuck her in the pussy, and that from now the only person I'll ever fuck in the ass was her.