Written by rob

17 Sep 2005

I would like to tell about my wifes first mmf,that happened this week and it was the most sexy experience of my life.My wifes name is amy and she is a stunning size 8 with a sexy fiqure.We have been married for just two years.Amy is 27and im 34I have always had this fantasy to see amy fuck another guy and i have told amy everytime we fuck but she always told me its better it remains a fantasy,but due to my persistance she relented but said it would be the first and last time.I was so excited when amy agreed but she insisted she couldnt do it with a stranger so it would have to be with someone we know.This worried me because i didnt want the word to go around but i had no choice because it was the only way i would see amy in action with another guy,so i asked my close friend jo (name changed) and told him what my offer was.After nearly choking on his beer he said no problem and no one else would know.The scene was set and jo came home with me and amy was dressed very sexualy.It was strange because we knew each other, we kept talking normally but i had to brake the ice and i started to snog amy in front of jo and suddenly the mood became erotic very quickly,i removed my clothes and in no time jo was starkers and also sporting a big hard cock for my wife.Like in the movies amy started to give head to both of us at the same time,then after a few minutes amy was lying on her back and jo took over her pussy and started to eat her to which amy replied with groans of pleasure.Apart from the moans and groans not many words were being exchanged it was just pure lust.After that the scene moved to its next level,the fuck.Amy got in the doggy mode and jo slipped his length all the way up my wifes pussy,which put amy in heaven,she was loving it.There was my friend fucking my wife while she was sucking my cock.It didnt take long for jo to come and after that i took over and her pussy felt so loose and warm but it still felt good.Well jo stayed the night at our place and i gave him the chance to fuck amy later which he did with glee.I can honestly say,to see your wife have sex with another man in front of her husband has to the most thrilling experience a man can have but not all get the chance.