Written by n

7 Nov 2005

My wife and I advertised recently and had such a good time, that I have to tell you about it!

We agreed to meet a guy for some gentle car fun in Slough.

We turned up and Kelly was dressed in a short skirt, no knickers and tight white top with no bra.

Our plan was for her to sit on the back seat with me fingering her, the car window wide open so that our man would get to see everything.

Now Kelly has never done this before so we were both a bit nervous, and we agreed that our voyeur would not be touching her at all.

She took up her position on the back seat and we wound down the window. Our voyeur approached and I slid my finger up her moist, shaved pussy.

I started slowly and soon she was moaning with pleasure as I got faster and faster.

She shifted position slighly so that our man could see right up her. He had his cock out and was soon wanking it through the window as agreed.

Kelly gasped when she saw it and soon had her hands wrapped around it. She was wanking him faster and faster and then she opened the card door.

She went down on her knees and took his tool in her mouth.

Now she has never swallowed for me ever, and I was sure he was going to shoot his load down her throat.

At the last minute she took him out and he splattered her face and hair with about 5 or 6 big shots.

I was rock hard by now and she got back into the car.

I bent her over the back seat and fucked her from behind with her head out of the window.

Our man stuck his flopping tool in her mouth and she sucked him while I fucked her sopping wet hole.

I didnt last long but it was the best sex we have ever had.

Our mans tool didnt stay soft for long and when I had cum, she let him into the car and he fucked her for at least another 20 minutes and really finished her off.

Our drive back home was very quiet, because she was dripping two lots of cum out of her hole and her face and hair was covered. Im glad we didnt get stopped by the police!!

We are out again this Friday ( look for our ad).