Written by Bill

11 Apr 2005

Unlike many of the other stories on this site it wasn’t me who persuaded my wife to fuck another man, she persuaded me to let her. We had discussed having sex with other people but never brought it further. About 5 weeks ago we were talking and she brought up the subject of having sex with others. The talk got more and more steamy and soon turned into active sex. While we were fucking she told me she wanted to be fucked by a black man and in the heat of the moment I agreed. Afterwards I wasn’t so sure, but she seemed so excited I didn’t raise any objections.

I soon learned that she didn’t want to fuck just any black guy, but had one person in particular in mind. He had recently joined her company and she had developed a huge crush on him and admitted to me that she had often masturbated while imagining him screwing her brains out.

Cathy (my wife) is 31 and as good looking if not better than she was at 21. She is a brunette with beautiful dark brown eyes. She has a good figure and though her boobs are a little on the small side she gets admiring glances wherever she goes. The object of her desires, Raphael, is in his mid-twenties and a bit of a ladies man so she was confident that she could pull him easily. She didn’t beat about the bush either. A couple of days later they were having a chat during a coffee break and she just came straight out and asked him would he like to go for a drink with her some evening, just the two of them. From what she told me, she asked him this is a way that left him in no doubt as to what she was really after. He suggested the following night, so after work the next day they went to a pub a bit of a distance from the office so as not to be disturbed by co-workers.

After a couple of drinks they were getting on really well and the tension between them was growing. They started discretely fondling each other and before long they were both extremely horny. Raphael shared a house with 2 other guys so they couldn’t go there to take things further. Cathy went to the loo and rang me asking if I could make myself scarce for a couple of hours. I wasn’t exactly delighted by the idea of her fucking this guy and now she was asking me to leave the house so she could do him in our bed!

I agreed and went down to our local where I happened to meet a couple of people I knew which provided me with a bit of a distraction from my thoughts about Cathy and her lover. It was nearly 11.00 when she rang me to tell me he had gone. I asked her what had happened and she told me to come home and she would tell me all about it.

When I got home she was glowing and gave me a big hug and kiss. She told me that she had a great time and really enjoyed it and assured me that she loved only me. I was dying to hear the details so she told me that when they had arrived at our house they had gone straight to the bedroom. They practically tore each others clothes off and she was pleased to discover that he was quite well endowed.

She licked and sucked his cock for a few minutes and she reckoned it was about 8 inches long and as thick as a can of red bull. After a few minutes of sucking he laid her down on the bed and went between her legs. He was a bit over eager at first, Cathy likes to be licked gently, but with a little helpful prompting he managed to make her come twice.

She asked him to put his cock inside her, so he moved up the bed and slowly slid it in. It took a bit of time for her pussy to accommodate him and she couldn’t get his cock fully in. The heat of the moment must have been too much for him because after only a handful of strokes he exploded inside her. She couldn’t believe how much he came and it was literally running out of her when he pulled out. They kissed and cuddled for a bit and within a few minutes he was hard again. This time he gave her a proper fucking lasting about 20 minutes. As they fucked her pussy opened up and he was able to sink his full length into her. She said it was incredible as she has never had a cock that big before.

They fucked twice more over the following couple of hours before she told him he better leave before I got home. The details of their sex had made me extremely aroused and my cock was standing to attention. I opened Cathy’s nightgown and parted her legs. Her pussy and inner thighs were glistening with pussy juice and spunk. I rammed myself into her which produced a big squelching sound and a flow of liquid came out all over my balls. Her pussy was so loose and wet I could barely feel her, but I still don’t think I managed more than a minute before I added my come to her lovers.

Over the next few days we fucked like rabbits. Raphael asked her for a repeat performance so I agreed to let her have him again. Once again I went to the pub while they used our bed. This has developed into a regular thing and I now want to watch them and possibly join in. Cathy is not sure how Raphael would feel about that so we’ll have to see. In the meantime our sex life couldn’t be better and I look forward to sloppy seconds after his visits.