Written by Paul and Elizabeth

9 Dec 2004

My wife and I have been swingers for about three years and we started by just touching others at parties and clubs and eventually got to the position where we had full sex with other coulpes and even went on week-end breaks with them for sexy 4somes and 6somes. In these my wife had two men at once.

Well, we go to a prty place about once every three months or so and my wife has sex with men there as I have sex with women. On this occasion she was introduced to a single man (she always said she only went with married men if I was there) and they chated. We went upstairs had began to have sex with a couple we know and the young man (about 15 years younger than my blonde wife)came to stand by us to watch. My wife started to stroke him and undid his trousers to get at his cock which was long, hard and quite thick. She tarted to wank him and putting on a condom sucked him for all she was worth. She then turned round and sucked the man she was supposed to be havin sex with ( I was with his wife) and the young man had al vely view of her pussy as she opened her legs in a bending psition. He took the hint and thrust his cock up her pussy and fucked my wife as if she was the last woman on earth.

She came whilst he was in her and then turned round and let the other man fuck her whilst she kissed the yuong man's nipples.

My wife has had sex with a number of men but rarely kisses them on the lips, usially on their cheek or nipples and of course on their cocks. On this occasion she put her tongue into his mouth and really kissed and hugged him while the other man fucked her.

It was obvious she really fancied him and he fancied her. In a while we went off to the kitchen for a cooling drink and the evening went on as normal with my wife having sex with another man.

About 1am I started to talk to a girl in the kitchen and we decided to have a kiss and a cuddle upstairs so we wen into the adjoining room whre my wife was sitting, now dressed, and told her what we were going to do. She encouraged u to go and enjoy ourselves - almost the first time I had sex with a woman when my wifewas not in the same room.

When we got in one of the bedrooms the young man was being wanked by an older lady and he saw me come in and udress my new friend and start to make love on the floor. I was too busy to see what happened next.

Apparently seeing his chance he left the room and went tolook for my wife an found her downstairs having a drink. She told me later that she immediately asked him if he had cum and as he said on, offered herself to him by saying would he like to cum over her tits (she is a profesional lady with a stresful job and this kind of talk would not be imagined by her colleagues)

He readliy said yes and they went off to a bedroom - he apparently undressed her and they kissed for about 5 minutes before going on the bed to have sex. My wife said it was grea sex and loved every minute of it with him. He sucked her tits, licked her pussy and then kissed herso she could taste her pussy on his tongue and fucked her with her on top of him, on her back, doggy wth his fingers up her arse (she likes anal but only with me usually). he mus have looked stunning having such good sex because although she isnearly fifty she looks 40, blonde hair, 36C tits and size 10/12 dress with long legs and clasy looks. No wonder he fancied her - she is always popular but some men find her a bit imtimidating due to her "glamourous" look and obvious "good life-style" due to her skimpy but obvoiusly expensive clothes.

After fucking her he came out and takingoff his condom wanked himself over her and came in bucket loads - she told me most of it went on her face and hair and it tasted great.

At the end of the party she gave him a long kiss as we were leaving and then she said "see you at the next one" - she had not only had sex with a man in a room on her own for the first time, she had made a date with a man as well.

Before the next party she asked me to buy her a new top tht she could impress him with and I obvoiusly did this and she duly wore it, with a short black skirt and stockings for her date.

When we arrived at the party he was already there waiting for her and htey chatted straight away. Later I took my wife upstairs for some wife-swapping of my own and she hung back a litle at the top of the stairs waiting for hr lover to come as well. This he did and we had a threesome with both me and her young lover taking turns to fuck her. I then said I would leave themin private so they could enjoy each other.

I only glimpsed my wife after that for around two hours. She fucked her lover in two different rooms and I did see her with two men on a bed who were licking her pussy and tits but not fucking her and her lover was being wanked by two young ladies. My wife was bored with the activity and I saw her getup put her arms aruond her yound lover and taking him by his cock walked him uot of the room, past me without glancing and into another room, sat down and sucked him off. he then took her in his arms and then kissed passionately for about two minutes before he put her on the bed and put his cock deep inside her very wet pussy. He thn cae out, took off his condom and put his cock between her tits and she wanked him between her tits - I had never seen her do this to anyone before. He came all over her face and for the first time I saw her lick a cock to taste the cum thn she put his whle length insde her mouth and sucked it clean.

Later I went into a downstairs room and saw them sitting side by side, now both dresed with his hand on her knee, gently stroking her leg and thigh. I sat opposite and she said she had left her dshoe upstairs and would I go for them. I did this and while I was away she said her lover had asked for her number - she did not give it but took his mobile number. He has proposed meeting her t his place for an all night session alone with her.

She has not rung him as she does not eant to sleep with him but is reall enjoying the ex she is having and as I do not mind er meeting him has said she will ring him to met at another party. This time she wants to go with him all night and wife-swap with him as if he were her partner. So it is agreed I wil take her to the party, say until she meets up with him and leave them together. I will do back after a few hours and see the end of the party (and probably have sex with a lady)and pick up my wife to bring her home. In return she has promised to tell me in great detail about how her evening went wife-swapping with her toy- boy.

She saysshe want to try anal with him - his cock is about the same as mine and she can take mine in her arse - and let him cum up her arse. She also want to suck him off without a codom and let him cum in her mouth. She really fancies him and loves having sex with him, but she will remain faithful to me for many reasons to do with a settled marriage and strong relationship. She does have tow other lovers of her own age who regularly fuck her so this is not a new experience - she is just enjoying a young man who wants an affair with her(she does not want that at all) pasionatley making love to her, making hr cum and giving her new experiences such as wife-swapping with a lover instead of her husband.