Written by happy chappie

22 Sep 2004

i had often thought about my neighbour in a sexual way and had mentioned to my wife how i would love a 3some with her.my wife always met this request with a firm no chance and reminded me that no way is she bi or ever likley to turn bi.one weekend on a saturday we invited our neighbour round with her husband for a drink but on arrival she informed us they had had a row and he wasn't coming so we cracked open the spirits and had a drink,some hours later when we were all pretty drunk i suggested we have a game of strip jenga (had no cards)i will call my neighbour sue.sue was up for it but my wife was still reserved but agreed after a little coaxing from us.my wife lost the first one so off came her shirt so she was sitting in her trousers and bra,i must add both women have very larg breasts and i was dieing to see sues.two more games passed and my wife lost both but was very reluctent to show her breasts completely so she kept a cushion over them.my wife then went to the toilet where upon i whispered to sue that i really wanted to see her tits.at this my wife came back and another game was started.when it got a little harder i swear sue lost dilliberatly so she had to take her blouse off.she looked at my wife and said my turn do you mind if i take it off,my wife said no you don't have to but i piped up yes she does she lost so take it off.she then removed it and what a great pair of tits she had.the game broke up there and again my wife went up to the toilet and i said to sue shame it had to end there i wanted to see them in the flesh.she had a quick look towards the staires and then whipped both out over her bra.i lent forward and had a quick feel and then sucked on a nipple.we heard the toilet flush she she put them away and acted as if nothing had happened,more drink flowed and b now my wife was falling asleep so we suggested to her to go to bed and we would tidy up.she then went off to bed while myself and sue sat down idle chit chatting about this and that.sue then went up to the toilet about ten minutes later and came down and said my wife was fast asleep.at which she lent over and kissed me my hands then carresed her tits over her blouse and then she unbuttoned it and removed it.all thoughts of being caught went out of the window as she reached out and released my cock from my trousers,straight away she placed it inside her mouth and began to suck as if her life depended on it.before long she was spread out on the sofa naked with me between her legs licking her very wet cunt.she whispered to me to fuck her.so without a second invertation i pushed my cock all the in and began to fuck her as hard as i could.i must addmit it only lasted about five minutes but the sattisfaction was written on both our faces.we got dressed and had a coffee where she then informed me she was leaving her husband and that she was bi and that she would of love to have fucked my wife as well as me and that was her intention when coming round this night.unfortunatly i have still yet to convince my wife to try it but i have been with my neighbour and her friend and enjoyed the 3some my wife would not give me.