Written by him

15 Oct 2006

Melissa and I have always spoken about having anal sex, during intercourse she allows me to rub my finger on her ass hole and she loves it, but she has never had a cock inside her, we tried, but without even getting even the head in she stops cause she's in too much pain.

We have great sex too, we have this thing we do where she climbs on top of me, and if she arches her back just right ( she doesn't ride me ) i can grab her ass cheeks and and fuck her pussy for hours, we've gone for 3 and a half hours before and she just keeps cumming and can have an orgasm like every 10 minutes, when we get this going nothing can stop us unless I decide I'm too tired.

On the weekend we went to a hotel for a little holiday, and we managed to get this going, it had just happened out of the blue, and as we were fucking, the door blew open, I wanted to stop and close it but she wouldn't let me, we were on the ball and she had already had 4 orgasms and she wanted more.

After a few minutes I looked over her shoulder to find a guy watching from the door, I told Melissa and her answer was not to stop, he had already seen her, it was too late anyways.

Here we were both totally naked on the couch, door open and my cock lipping in and out her wet pussy, while this guy could see everything, the guy came in after he saw we were'nt doing anything about his presence.

I was rubbing her asshole and she was moaning, the guy was like 2 feet away starring at her ass and pussy with my cock fucking it.

She turned around slightly to see him there "gee... some people... just do... what they like... and have no manners..." she managed to say pausing with deep breaths, I started to try get him to leave, but she just told me it's too late rather concentrate on fucking her.

When she turned around to see what he was doing again, she asked him "do you mind? we are fucking and you can't just come in here and watch" ( there was kind of a double meaning to that, cause I took it as he shouldn't have come in, but he took it as he shouldn't just watch and should participate. He was taking his clothes off when Melissa started to cum, she grabbed my chest, started kissing me and lifted her breast so I could suck on them, she loved this when she was comming, just then all of a sudden for the first time ever my finger popped into her bum, and sunk deep inside. She slapped me, I told her I was sorry, without stopping fucking her, I couldn't stop or she would be one pissed off woman.

I pulled my finger out and she gasped, put it back in she commanded me, I did, and started fucking her ass with my finger, it wasn't that easy to keep both rythems up. she turned around to find this stranger naked with a hard on. it wasn't that big, she giggled "what... are you doing... naked?... can... a girl... get pleasure... from that... small thing?... put your... clothes... back on... you pervert...!"

he didn't, just stood there watching us I was turned on by being watched. I took my finger out her bum and told her it was starting to get too difficult. "I wish there was a cock in my ass instead of a finger" she said.

I immediatly thought of this guy putting his cock in her and got even more aroused and looked at the guy and smiled, and he smiled too, thinking what I was thinking, she felt me grow a bit more, "fuck where did that extra bit come from... OWWW!" she cried, stopping her sentence and crying with pain as this guy shoved his cock in her ass. "for fucks sakes! you can't just put your cock in my ass!" she turned around to me to find me smiling. I stopped smiling realising this could get nasty, and told him too get out, she simply said, "I saw you smiling, you planeed this didn't you?." he was already working his cock in and out her ass. as always, I didn't stop fucking her, we have had food burning and I wasn't allowed to stop so instictly I didn't stop.

She turned around to look at him and said out angrily "do you always do what you want?" she turned back at me, I looked at her tits to see them bouncing from him fucking her ass.

She leaned forward and kissed me "it's too late anyways he's already inside me" I almost came from those words. "make me cum like this" she said smiling at me, I hadn't stopped fucking her so it was really upto her. after about 15 minutes she managed to cum again, this time her orgasm was like nothing I had ever experienced with her. She grabbed my shoulders and pulled herself away from me a bit opened her mouth, and closed her eyes as she moaned really loud.

once she was done cumming, she turned around and appologised to the guy" Sorry, I guess when I came my ass muscles tightened, didn't mean to stop you."

This guy was classic, he just carried on, not saying a word. after a couple minutes he started to come, he grabbed round and grabbed my wifes boobs, "for fuck sakes get some manners!" she grabbed his hands and pulled them lower down to her hips "there, hold onto there if you have to"

Thank heavens she did that cause now I now had full view of her tits bouncing as he fucked her ass harder. "he's comming" she said looking at me her eyes closing as she came as well. as she was cummng he sprayed all his juices inside her ass, he was done but contiuned to fuck her ass while she came.

When she was done, he took his cock out of her, he got up and tried to put his cock in her mouth for it to be cleaned, when my wife told him no. He put his clothes on and left. "thank god, thought he was never going to leave"

My wife and I carried on and after a few minutes she said "he didn't even say thank you, infact he never said anything!"

After about 30 minutes I could see something was bothering her "Don't worry babes" I said, "I still love you the same"

She smiled at me and leaned forward "it's not that, I'm just wondering if I was a good fuck for him, it was only the first time."

That was it, I exploded, I grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them apart, I came inside her, it was just too much of a turn on.

"you not supposed to cum yet!" I remember her shouting. I just carried on fucking her while the last bit filled her pussy. I sucked on her tit while I was enjoying this major orgasm.

My wife looked at me, "we weren't done!"

" I could hold it any longer"

"think you can carry on?"

"in a few minutes, just need some water"

She lifted her leg and I got out from under her, she just stayed in the position waiting for me to carry on while I got water.

When I returned I saw in all it's glory just how much she had just been spoiled.

my cum was dripping out of her pussy onto the couch, her ass hole was doing a pulsating thing, it wasn't fully closed, and a bit of cum was seeping out of it.

I went behind her, she didn't realise I was there, I just started to wank at this site, as I came I grabbed her head and turned it "oh there... " That's all she got to say because I rammed my cock into her mouth and came. she sucked me off, there was cum all over her face as I came before I got to put my cock in her mouth.

"wow" she said"I don't suppose I'm gona get any more action right?"

Spoiled bitch

she got on the floor and crawled to the door, closed it, then went to the telly and put it on.

All I could look at was the cum dripping from her chin, ass and pussy.

she stood up" better go wash up, I'll run the bath"

she paused "gee I got cum in my ass my mouth and my pussy, people would think I just fucked three guys

that thought poppped in my head and I was hard again, I got her to suck me off again.

that evening we got the fucking thing going again and fucked for 4 hours, the longest ever, when she was done she said "there, now that's for earlier when you got all the fun.

Spoiled bitch!