Written by jacques jill

8 May 2011

You are naked. Your cock is hard. Your hand wanders to my waiting cunt. And before long, ecstasy. Your kisses are full, open and urgent. Soon your hot tongue is against my hardening breasts. You enjoy their firmness...

Back to the shore we lay side by side naked. “I want to taste you” you say to me. "I love the idea of smothering you with my juices" I reply.

You lick me clean as you inch your way towards my engorged labia. I spread them for you. You tongue-fuck my waiting pussy. I need to come so badly, god I am desperate. The spasms have barely died before I come in your mouth, my body engulfed in a wave of white, smooth elation.

On my knees before you, you are towering over me. Now you hold your throbbing cock above me with a mischievous smile, one corner of your mouth turned up with glee. I stroke the full shaft of your coke with two hands, gently swirling my tongue over the head while we keep staring at each other. I put more of you in my mouth. But you don't allow the contents of your cum to spill yet. This is your moment of power over me, a moment where you know I'm trembling, waiting for you to cum all over me. I want to taste your cum in the back of my throat. I want to swallow every drop. I want you to spill your hot juices over my face, on my hair; I want you in my mouth.

Now you’re fucking me, furiously, desperately, your cock driving hard into my cunt and igniting further explosions of pleasures.

You make me stand up, I sit on your lap, your cock entering me, hungrily my vagina engulfs all of you, riding your cock. Your hands cupping my breasts, your coke pumping me harder and harder, I began to become breathless, the tension is reaching a climax, my grinding hips speed increasing. “Not yet” you say to me. Please god! I can’t stand the wait anymore.

Please let me come!

Your fingers finding my moist vagina, you play with my clit, at first slowly drawing circles with it, and then you start rubbing it faster and faster. I could feel the fluid in my body starting to descend; I am moaning while you finger fuck working faster and faster. Then just before I come, you stop. “Please, please” I beg. I am desperate. I am disoriented from emotional overload.

One more thrust and we both came, screaming out loud not caring if others heard us. Slowly you started kissing me again, I traced your biceps with my fingers, and my watch alarm started beeping. I had been here an hour and had to go to work, I kissed you one more time and put on my clothes and reluctantly I leave you.

I had spotted you the first time in the village. We brushed past each other. I found your tattoos positively rebellious. You smiled at me. We moved on. When we met at the beach you didn’t remember me.

I followed you to the beach.But you don't know it.

I am hiding off a pathway between the sand dunes and tall beach grass.

The air is soft and warm on this perfect summer day. The kind of day spent walking, feeling the smooth sand between my bare toes, listening to the rolling waves washing ashore and seagulls in the distance. A day begging to be savored forever, simple and filled with possibilities.

You remove your bathing suit, exposing your firm buns, your strong thighs, your rock hard abdos. Lord you are gorgeous so naked. I couldn’t get enough of your beautiful, strong body. I feel my cunt getting wet. I want you so badly. I want to seduce you. Today you will make love to me.

I panic. I have been found hiding! I still could make a run for it. But I don’t run away. You slowly start to walk towards me. Sweat begins dripping off my chin and down into my cleavage, still I watched you approach. And when I looked up you were standing only a meter away your biceps bulging with your arms at your side, you flash me a smile, your white teeth dazzling me. I gasped at the size of your half-aroused cock.

I hate that smirk at the corner of your lip. You read in my soul the utter turmoil raging inside me from you being naked so close to me.

“Do you come here often?” you ask.

“No…I mean yes, sometimes.” I mumble.

My head rushes with a delicious warm tingling sensation. My inside voice is screaming “Fuck me, fuck me.”

I try desperately not look at you below the belt line while we continue our little chit chat. You catch me looking at your cock and you smile.

“How long will this cocktail hour go on?” I wonder. I decide I'll make the first move. I lay back leaning on my elbows, spreading my legs. A sensual gleam in your eyes makes me blush. I can feel my desire growing as my thighs become flushed with warmth.

“Is the water warm?” I ask innocently enough. ‘You should come for a dip”I decide that I will.

You smile with a little spark in your eyes as you run after me. I'm ahead of you. You catch up to me. You take the towels I am carrying as you fly by. You run past me. You grab my bikini top strings, pulling the bow undone. The top falls to the sand exposing my bare breasts.

My nipples begin to harden as you gently rub sunscreen oil on my skin. "I need some here", pointing to my naked breasts.

Now it's your turn. I drizzle some warm oil in my palms and rub my hands together. I reach up your leg and massage the slippery oil onto your smooth, shaved balls, and up and down your thick shaft. Your cock throbs and fills with a rush of blood as it hardens even more. I gasp as I feel your cock harden, I'm totally aroused. I feel my pussy beginning to pulse as I imagine your long, stiff dick inside me. A sensual gleam in your eyes makes me blush.

You press me against you. Your hard cock against our bellies. You reach for the bottom of my bikini. You remove it. I offer no resistance.

“I think I'd like to try it in the water.” I say. . We hold hands as we run into the warm water. I am floating weightless. I let myself sink down on your cock. It is all happening in slow motion. Oh fuck! It feels so good. I scream with pleasure as you penetrate me. Your smooth hands hold me around my waist as you slide your cock in my cunt effortlessly on and off your pulsing rod. "Holy shit, your cock feels so good in my pussy" I moan loudly.

You are naked. Your cock is hard. Your hand wanders to my waiting cunt. And before long, ecstasy. Your kisses are full, open and urgent. Soon your hot tongue is against my hardening breasts. You enjoy their firmness.