Written by James

19 Nov 2004

Imagine my shock when I found some naked pictures of my wife, that I had'nt taken. I was up in our loft, trying to tidy up, when I found a plastic bag hidden in a corner, when I had a look in the bag their was quite a lot of pictures. My wife was out at work so I was able to check the pictures before she came home, and I could get my mind together so I could confront her about them.

The pictures were in order of how she took her clothes off, they started with her just standing in a bedroom, smiling at the camera, I thought I recognised the room but I was'nt sure, the pictures went on as this, she lifted her dress to show her knickers, she turned her back to the camera, who was taken the pictures? to show her bum in a thong, her dress was then off, to show her wearing just a bra, thong and hold-up stockings. She was laying on the bed taking off the stockings, then she was taking off her bra, but covering up her tits, then laying propped up on the bed with her tits on display her nipples hard. Then there was six pictures of her taken off her thong you could't see her fanny at first, but gradually she exposed herself until she was laying on the bed with her legs bent and open up to her chest and her wet cunt was there for the photographer to see. Who ever he was he took advantage of the situation, because the next shots were of her on all fours with the camera in close to her bum with her cunt being held open. The next pictures were of my wife with the photographer's penis in her cunt being fucked first flat on her back then on all fours with his thumb up her arse. The final pictures were of her laying on the bed with cum all round her mouth and over her body. She wouldn't tell me who he was, but that evening I had the best sex with her that I had ever had, just the thuoght of her with him gives me a raging hard.