Written by Alisa

4 Oct 2006

I have put one story here before and enjoy reading them it gives me and Tom Ides thanks. Well heres one that happened about to years ago at a Hen weekend in Blachpool.

12 of us whent the bride Cath 35yo and her work mates.

The bridesmade had set a theme of tarts and schoolgirs to which we all agreed,with me it was easy my dauter had only finshed with hers four years back and we were the same size.

We stopped in a B&B by the Tower and wereall merry before going out in our uniforms the first night. Cath had made a vow that she would have a different cock each of the 3 nights.

I had started wit Tom my partner and he said if it did happen to me then I must tell him.

We did the usual pubs on the front thenhit the big one down from the Manchester which was when a round of R B and C were ordered a drink Id not had before and god have a kick.

I had dressed in white panties white frilly bra and white blouse and tie,my skirt was quite Im loger in the leg than my daughter and did ride up when I sat down.

After 3 more rounds of drinks and lots of wolf whistles and sarky sexy comments from lads and men on the town Cath was off with a young guy for as she put it a leg over.

That was when Sez the bridesmaid said we didnt look slutty enough and said toilet gils so four of us followed her and no sooner in than she said off with the bras' the Hellen said lose the nickers too and I must have showed my shock as she said you a prude Alisa.

No I said and slipped off my panties and took off my bra in the cubicle, Give them here said Hellen and taking the bras and pants thew them out the window,no going for the now and she walked out the door.

We got back to the table and told the others who didn't believe us till Hellen flashed her fanny and they laughd . You too said Mary to me and Hellen pulled up my skirt to show my shaved fanny.

The guys standing by us got a right eyefull and said more,only for double red bulls and cokes said Hellen and they soon appeared

on the table . Straight down said the oldest guy which we did and I spilt some on my blouse which Hellen rubbed with a tissue ondoing two buttons and put her hand in my blouse and rubbed with the othe and as she did she rubbed my nipple which was like an organ stop and I could see the lads glaring.

So did Hellen and before I knew it she had slipped the other buttons on my blouse and pulled it open to show my tits to all the men who were around us and you can immagine the whistles and cries for more and the more I tried to cover myself the more hellen Pulled my hans back.

Just then the manageress came and asked us to leave with boos coming from the men all around us.

Come to our hotel said the bigest group of lads you cant have fun here well take our money elsewhere they said and Hellen was up and dragged me with her saying after you to the lads.

Thier hotel was just up the road and as it was so cold on the front my nipples were extra large which didnt go un-noticed by 3 of the group asking if they could hang thier coats on them as we entered the bar.

Can we go in the pool room asked Mike the older of the lads and the barman said yeh but youl have to come through for drinks,

We whent in and two of the lads came in with vodka red bulls saying nice tits youve got there to me to which Hellen peeled open her blouse and showed hers which must have been 38dd. those are great said the tall lad and then I noticed that my skirt had ridden up and I was showing my fanny to all as we sat on the low soffa.

Nice gash said Dave the young one and at that Hellen openned her legs and pulled her skirt up showing her trimmed fanny and her lips were bulging out. Not bad said the tall one any thing else to declare at which Hellen stood up pulled me to my feet and pulled my blouse open and I didnt strugle ,she held my hair and kissed me on the lips pinching my nipple with one hand and dropping my blouse with the other.

Then her hand which was freezing cold slipped up my skirt to my fanny and three figers were straight in to it and god was I soaking.

More said Mike as I looked up and Hellen flipped the button and zip and my skirt was by my ankles.

I didnt care as she moved me forward and I kiched off my shoes and she paraded me to them saying Miss Blackpool 2003.

Then she stopped by the tall guy and said have a feel its real and he did starting with my tits then straight into my fanny with his long fingers and as he did he lowerred me to the pool table.

I saw Hellen smile as he dropped his trousers and slipped in me. He pushed for a wile then turned me and took me from behind calling me a great fucking slut. My tits wereswaying like hammocks and then I gushed and so did he but just as I was relaxing Hellen said next and another guy was at me which was great but as I said you go too to Hellen she said no all yours tonight . After the fourth I was nackerred and had to rest. I woke up with Mike next to me about 5 o clock and slipped into my clothes and away to my hotel ,No sign of Hellen

Will tell the rest again. Tom Knows Ive told him.