Written by Dave

30 Dec 2004

I have just read the account of the bi experience on a beach. I had a similar experience last summer at Laysdown beach in Kent. My wife and I often go to the naturist beach, weather allowing, and have got to know a few of the regulars couples as well as single men.

During August I had a couple of days holiday unfortunately my wife could not get the time off work, so I went alone. I found a spot and settled down. A guy, Keith, we are on nodding terms with appeared, who was having a wonder around the beach, naked of course. He came over and a conversation between us started asking where my wife was. I noticed he was semi erect, looking at his cock made mine grow. He sat next to me and gave his cock a slight rub, as all men do. My cock was now fully erect and had to lie on my front to hide it, I was feeling incredibly horny.

He made a comment about my bum as I turned he noticed I was fully hard, his cock was also fully hard it was about 6" the foreskin was rolled back showing a nice helmet. I had this uncontrollable urge to lean over and suck him, but resisted the urge, did not want a smack in the mouth if he was not bi or gay. Keith was slowly rubbing his shaft, watching him was making my cock throb. He noticed my cock twitch a couple of times and smiled at me.

He turned and said to me he was feeling so horny he was going to find a quieter spot and have a wank and if I was interested to watch were he went and follow. My mouth was so dry all I could do was nod. I watched wonder off towards the dunes with his clothes in front of him to hide his erection.

A couple of minutes later I did the same, at first I could not find him and was beginning to think the whole thing was a wind up. I walked over towards a path leading through a small copse of fir trees. There he was leaning against a tree, naked with his cock standing out like a pole. I walked over and rubbed my cock end against his we started to wank each other, which felt like heaven. I kneeled down and started to suck and wank him, he soon started to cum I could feel him throbbing in my mouth. I just managed to pull his cock out of my mouth as he started to spurt his cum. I have never seen a guy spurt so much it slashed all over my stomach, balls and cock. Feeling his hot spunk on me made me start to cum and he wanked me off my spunk spurted over the tree.

After I had cum, he picked his clothes up and left without saying a word.