Written by nottiebutnice

6 Sep 2004

Some time back I told how I got J naked into bed but didn't manage to get inside her.

I played with her tits, she massaged my erect cock, but wouldn't let me fuck her. Eventually we fell asleep. In the early hours I awoke with a hard on, slipped my hand bewteen her legs, and woke her with a finger fuck. Still she wouldn't let me in.

This was driving me crazy, and I told her so.

After some coaxing, she told me that her first experience had been at school with her friend Mary, and ever since she'd only been able to come with her. I could fuck her but she wouldn't feel anything.

By this stage I just wanted to open her legs, but suddenly realised some possibilities.

"Could I fuck you if Mary was there too? And would you both be up for me beimg inside her?"

"I'll ask - and for being a thoughtful boy, you can put that hard thing in between my tits and we'll see if wwe can get anything out of it."

Next week we met up with her friend M in a pub car park. She was a horse rider and had come straight from the stables. She said she'd have to get out of the jodphurs - and proceeded to strip to her (good old fasioned)undies at the boot of the car. She was a well proportioned girl with generous tits and hips,and not bad legs.

We had some dinner and drinks in the pub, and managed to fool each other we were over the limit so couldn't drive home. I got a double room and all three of us went up.

As soon as we were there, J ran a bath and stripped off. She was wearing a pale beige see through bra half a size too small so her 36D tits were straining out. She had matching knickers through which I could see her bush - which didn't match her blonde hair!

M grabbed her hair, pushed her head back, and put her tongue in her mouth. Her left handled fondled her buttock and slipped into her arse crack.

J laughed, slipped out of her grasp, and headed for the bath saying "you two help each other out of your clothes".

M and I looked at each other shyly. "Do we do as we're told?" I said. "Turn round" M said.

She stoodbehind me, unzipped my pants, and fingered my balls. With an erect dick, I decided to give her a bit of rough. I bit into her face and put my hand up her blouse, pushing her down onto the bed. Then I flipped her over and pushed up her skirt and into her knickers, forcing a finger into her arse entry. She fought back, and just then J called from the bath asking where were. We raced to pull off our clothes and get into the bathroom.

"What kept you?"

"He was trying to bugger me"

"But we don't like men except when they're watching"

"You mean I'm not getting it?"

"Depends how good a boy you are"

M knelt down and started to kiss J while stroking her breasts.

There was I with a dick starting to wilt, wondering if I was the spare prick.

So I started to massage M's shoulders. She seemed to like it. But when I slipped a hand round to a nipple, or down her stomach between her legs, she pushed me away.

I was getting pissed off, as J could tell. So she beckoned me over and gave my dick a good rub down with the soap - and M returned the earlier compliment by trying to get her finger up my arse.

I was aching for a fuck by this time, so sweet hearted them to leave the water and adjourn to the bed.

M lay down the wrong way, and J took up the 69 position above her. Both put back a hand to hold my dick and balls.

They were both moaning as I came into J from behind, my aching dick slipping over M's tongue as I entered J.

After justa few strokes, they struggled free.

"You have to do us both" said J, and they reversed position. I entered M's cunt ( a bit slacker than J's) while J moved her head so she could lick my balls.

I pumped away, but it was J I'd wanted to fuck for the last week.

So I pulled out, licked a finger and shoved it up M's arse. She gasped and pulled back, enabling me to scrabble round and push my dick into J. I was close to coming when M took a vibrator from her bag and tried to ram it into me. I'd come so far and wasn't giving up that position even while she buggered me.

I came in a rush, and to stop the vibrator in the arse forced M's head down and my still dripping dick into her mouth. She sucked greedily and snaked a hand towards J's sopping cunt. They finger fucked each other to screaming orgasms (which had next door baging on the wall) while I recovered.

Then the bastards really went to town on me. They wouldn't let my dick, balls or arse alone for the next hour until I'd come in both of them.

Early the next morning we took a threesome shower. With the help of the shampoo I managed to get right up in side M's arse - tight and painful, but she deserved a good back fuck. J squeezed my balls in rythm from behind until I came - not much cum, but J was straight down on her knees licking it out of M's arse. Finally I bent M over the edge of the bath and spanked her bum hard "for being a naughty girl". J begged me to do the same - which I obliged, but with two fingers up her cunt at the same time. M kissed J's red marks better.

If I hadn't had to get off to football practice I've have fucked both of them again even though I didn't have much cum left.

WE've done the same kind of thing a number of times since, including playing at chambermaids.

P.S. This bahamian's dick is white not black....