Written by Mandy

10 Sep 2007

My horny lover, Donny, has been away - leaving me in charge of his home - and by chance an old boyfriend called to see me. It was hot weather and we were having drinks in the shade of the garden. I was enjoying flirting with Brian and seeing him again reminded me of what a great lover he was. Suddenly I knew I had to be fucked - after all Donny had left me on my own for two weeks and I was getting desperate.

'I'll just get some more drinks,' I said and took the tray back to the house. I went up to the bathroom and had the quickest shower, sprayed on some more scent and put my summer dress on but now without anything underneath. I poured some more cool drinks and took them out.

'Sorry to have been so long, sudden phone call,' I lied.

'Never mind, you look utterly gorgeous and as radiant as ever.'

I giggled and sat down by him but not too close - I wanted Brian to see how bronzed I was, I wanted him to see my body and see my breasts that were not too hidden by the summer dress.

'Tell me about your present girlfriend, then.'

'She's called Mirella, she's brunette and she's almost as gorgeous as you.'

'Do you fuck her?' (I could hardly believe how forward I was being.)

'Of course, but not at the moment as she's away.'

'Has she got a pretty pussy?' He nodded and stared straight in to my eyes. I gently turned towards him and lifted my dress to reveal my shaved, hairless, smooth secret place. 'As pretty as mine?'

He didn't answer but just fell to his knees and began to lick my thighs. I opened my legs willingly, desperate for this attention, and pushed myself to the edge of the seat so that he could bury himself where I wanted him. He began to lick me slowly at first then more urgently. His oral technique was even better than three years ago. His fingers gently opened me and then he slid two into my love nest whilst his tongue pleasured my excited clitty. This was heaven and we were only just beginning. Thank goodness this part of the garden was well hidden form prying eyes. I knew I was dribbling as every time he drew breath his lips, nose and chin were covered in my juices.

'Delicious as ever,' he said standing up and undoing his trousers. 'Your turn!' he added as he pushed his rock hard prick in to my mouth. It was as gorgeous as ever and I licked and sucked it passionately enjoying every moment and every inch. Suddenly I lay back and pulled him down with me.

'Fuck me ... fuck me .. fuck me like you used to.' He needed no second bidding and he slid his hardness slowly, tantalisingly inside my sopping cunt. Soon he was into a smooth steady rhythm and I felt an orgasm coming. 'Harder! Harder!' I groaned and he thrust in deeply making an orgasm shakingly explode with in me. He didn't stop but slowed down and we gently enjoyed each other.Then he began to speed up and with a hot rush his spunk was pumped into me just as I began to shake again as another orgasm built up. We held each other luxuriating in the pleasure we had given each other.

After half an hour Brian had to go and I was not going to fucked again until Donny returned in three days time. I went into the house for another drink.

'Hi darling!' came a voice from upstairs. Donny came bounding down and smothered me in kisses. 'Gosh you look radiant - utterly fucking gorgeous!' He was closer to the truth than he realised. 'Come on, I've just got to have you right now!' I had no choice. He sat me up on the kitchen unit got out his already stiff cock, lifted my skirt and thrust straight in to me.

'Nothing in the way - that's nice!' he muttered gleefully.

'Too hot,' I lied as I enjoyed his hardness.

'Your absolutely sopping!' he exclaimed. 'It's as if you'd just been fucked!' And then he powered in to me harder still, exploding deep within me, his hot spunk joining Brian's splendid load.

'Who's been fucking you?' he suddenly demanded but he didn't seem at all angry, in fact there was a look of amused delight in his eyes that I found very exciting.

'Brian called to see me and it just sort of happened.' This was pretty lame as I had deliberately provoked Brian into fucking me.

'You naughty, naughty girl.'

'Well I knew you'd be fucking Sylvie so why shouldn't I have some fucking?'

Donny looked at me his eyes gleaming with excitement - it was obvious that he didn't really mind.. 'That's just it, you know Sylvie is my fuck partner when we're both on the same business trip.You didn't tell me about Brian so you'll have to be punished for being a naughty girl! And it will have to be a very sexual punishment.'

Inside I was so excited by these words. He really didn't mind about what had happened any more than I minded about him fucking the lovely Sylvie. You just couldn't not like her, she's so sweet, a petite blond with such a gorgeous figure and so much sexuality that she could make a fortune as a porn star.

Nothing more was said about my punishment, it would be a surprise. When I saw Donny the next day he said, 'We'll be having a guest this weekend. Sylvie's coming, there's some work we've got to sort out and it's the only way.'

Early on Friday evening she arrived whilst I was preparing the dinner. After genuinely friendly greetings and hugs she went to shower and change. It was a warm evening so I was glad to do the same and so was Donny. When we met for drinks I was wearing a short skirt and thin summer blouse and Sylvie appeared gorgeous as ever in a figure hugging white dress. We wined, we dined outside but then the evening became rather cool so we moved indoors. Both Sylvie and I were both giggly from the wine and Donny was very perky. We flopped on chairs and sofas.

'I think it's time for your punishment,' Donny said his eyes bright with excitement.

'But Sylvie's here.' He just nodded in response. 'Never mind, we'll have a witness who'll know you've been taught a lesson. Come here my darling.' He pulled me towards him and gave me a long passionate kiss and ass he did so he began to undress me. I was quivering with excitement as I was gradually stripped naked. I was then taken to a big chair with wooden arms and made to sit on the cushions.Sylvie produced two silk scarves form her bag -suddenly I realised that she knew all about what was to happen, she was going to be part of my punishment. My arms were tied to the chair.

'Are you comfortable?' Donny asked, 'I don't want to hurt you.'

'I'm fine,' I whispered as I trembled with anticipation.

Donny then proceed to sit by Sylvie and to kiss her passionately. She eagerly responded and as they became more passionate they removed the clothes form each other. This was so exciting and my juices began to run, I wanted to rub my clitty but of course I couldn't. Donny lay back and Sylvie began to suck his gorgeous thick cock, sensually licking then sucking at it and very so often looking directly at me making me feel more aroused as he did so.

After her prolonged attention to Donny she suddenly lay back on the sofa and began to rub her self showing off her gorgeous wet pussy. Donny slid into Sylvie keeping to one side so that I had a full view of them fucking. Here was wonderful sex taking place right in front of me and I could do nothing. how I longed to suck him as he pulled out then went back in to her. How I longed to lick Sylvie's moisture from her whilst she was being fucked. They suddenly increased the tempo and with much passion from both of them Donny exploded within her.

Donny stood up and came over to me. He thrust his spunky prick into my mouth and I sucked him hard. 'All of my spunk should be inside you,' he said firmly, so go and get it!' He untied me and took me over to Sylvie who lay with her legs open and spunk dribbling from her pussy. Donny pushed my face into that gorgeous cunt and I began to lick. 'Every last drop!' he commanded. He needn't have said this, that's just what I wanted. I licked and licked and came up smiling looking like the cat that has had the cream.

'That was a nice punishment,' I said.

'It isn't over yet.' I noticed that Donny's prick was stiffening fast. 'Both of you suck me,' he commanded so he was passed from mouth to mouth and was soon fully erect again. 'Lie down there,' he said and I lay on the sofa where Sylvie had just been fucked. Unable to control my excitement I began to rub myself.

'Fuck me!' I moaned.

'You'll be fucked as you've never been fucked before,' he said with an almost evil look in his eye.

From her bag Sylvie produced a big black strap on dildo and began to put it on. It had a small stimulator that went in to her and a hard prick that stuck out from her. To see such a shapely girl wearing this sex aid was incredibly stimulating, she looked beautiful. Wielding this gorgeous piece of equipment she came to me. I rubbed it and then she began to slide it in to me. It went in easily and she began to slowly fuck me whilst Donny presented me with his cock to suck. Sylvie certainly knew how to fuck, she gave me a nice steady pace whilst I sucked Donny. All of a sudden he moved away and went behind Sylvie.

'Go on,' she said, fuck my arse.' She stopped fucking me and moaned as Donny pushed his stiff cock into her sweet little arse. Then the rhythm was resumed as in unison they fucked, Donny into Sylvie and Sylvie in to me. I began to come, so did Sylvie who was excited by the clit stimulator. Gradually the tension built up we both orgasmed and Donny groaned, pulled out and shot his spunk all over Sylvie's arse. She pulled out of me and without needing to be told I licked the precious spunk from her.

We relaxed afterwards drinking more cool wine. 'That was a lovely, lovely punishment,' I whispered.'

'Hope it's taught you a lesson,' Donny said with a grin. I certainly had been fucked as I've never been fucked before and I loved every moment of it. Donny went off to get some more drinks and Sylvie and I caressed and explored each other's pussies. Hers was so soft and sweet I felt it lovingly.

'You know,' she said, 'Donny's been very selfish tonight. He hasn't licked either of us and I do expect a good licking from a man.'

'I licked you.'

'Very nicely too,' she responded, ' but as he's been so selfish I think he deserves some punishment from us. How about tomorrow night?'

'Good idea,' I said. 'Let's plot something for him!'

'Yes, we'll give him something really special,' she said and then we leaned towards each other and kissed and caressed.