Written by Naughty Nurse

22 Sep 2004

I'm a nurse working in a ward that deals with men and their problems.

Last Thursday a guy had problems getting an erection and had come in for some test. The doctor placed him in a side room and gave him an injection that would see if he could have one or not.

The doctor injected his penis and asked me to check him every 10 mins to see if anything happened. The guy was white 6ft looked very fit with lovely blue eyes. I entered the room and asked him if anything was happening he shook his head and looked disappointed. I told him to relax and I would be back in a short while. This happened for the next half hour until I entered again and asked once more if anything had happened. He pulled back the sheet and told me that it was the first erection he'd had for two years.

I walked over to as I had to see if it was a full solid erection and that the injection had worked correctly. As I place my fingers on it he told me that I was the first woman for two years that he'd allowed to touch it as he felt a let down when it came to women. I said shame you don't have a lady here today so you can take advantage of it and use it. With that I felt his hand touch my firm arse I didn't move as I was surprised at the size of his full hard erection. It was a good 9 inches and very thick. He moved his hand up inside my uniform and run his hand over my small black panties slipping a finger inside running it over my pubic hair covering my pussy. I pulled away walked to the door pull the blind down and locked the door.

I walked back towards him and took his rock hard penis in my hand slowly I started to wank him as I moved my head down. I opened my mouth and licked the tip of his penis before taking as much as I could in my mouth. He had moved his hand back inside my panties and was fingering my pussy gently at first then with two fingers really started to finger fuck me. All the time I was sucking hard on his hard erection wanting him to cum in my mouth. Then he whispered let me fuck you please. I lifted my head telling him I was not on the pill and that I didn't want to full pregnant. So I would only let him fuck my mouth. He played with my clit and I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter the more he did it.

The guy jumped up and pulled me towards him kissing me his tongue deep inside my mouth as he laid me on the bed. My uniform raised up as I opened my legs wide for him as he pulled my panties to one side and again finger fucked me as he licked my clit. He moved himself onto the bed and knelt between my open legs soon my panties were moving down my thighs until he had removed them letting them drop to the floor. I laid there legs open as he said how sexy I looked in my black hold ups and my pussy on full view to him. He pulled my dress higher up over my waist as he leant down and kissed me once more I placed my arms round his neck as I felt his rock hard erection touch my now exposed pussy. I lifted my arse slightly from the bed as I felt his penis gently part the lips of my pussy and enter me. I opened my legs as wide as I could as he pushed all 9inches fully into me. He started to thrust back and forth slowly until building up speed I told him to slow down and enjoy his first fuck for over two years as much as I was going to enjoy being fucked by him.

We kissed as he slowed down gently moving back and forth as I moved my hips to meet every thrust. I lifted my legs so he could really fuck me deeply as I wanted to feel him hitting the top of my womb. He was really stretching my pussy wide with the thickness of his penis and he felt so big inside me that the pain was overtaken by the pleasure he was giving me. I whispered fuck me fuck me harder as he picked up speed and was now really pounding my wet willing pussy. He took hold of my legs holding them as far apart as they would go looking down telling me how good it felt to fill a pussy wrapped round his cock and how sexy it looked as he watched it going in and out. As he continued fucking me building up speed until he was once more really hitting the top of my pussy I could feel his balls swinging hitting my arse. I lifted my arms over my head and laid there letting him pound harder and faster into me. I could feel myself ready to explode over his hard penis until I could hold it no more and started shaking as I hit an almightly climax. I shook everytime his penis went deeply into me until again I exploded. I whispered again fuck me please fuck me as soon his pace slowed until he kissed me once more feeling him shoot long and hard deeply inside my unprotected pussy.

After 5 mins I sorted myself out and went outside. The doctor asked how the guy was doing after the injection and I told the doctor it had worked and that he had got a full hard solid erection.