Written by simon

29 Nov 2006

MY name is Simon, i am 38 and live in manchester.

i was reading a story on this site written by a nurse who`s name was Celine. well i think i had an encounter with said nurse ealier this year. i was in hospital for 2 days after i had had a car crash, nothing that seriuous just cuts and bruises really. well on the first night i was there i got chatting with the night nurse who said her name was Celine `unusual name` i said, `yes, it`s French, though,i`m Irish` more small talk followed Celine was really chatty and said `after my rounds, do you fancy a cuppa` great i said. an hour or so passed and she came over to say she had put the kettle on and for me to follow her to her room, now just the way she said it made me thick i might be in with a chance of something here?? we walked into her office and Celine said `do you want your tea before or after??` `after what` i said. ` after this` she then opened her uniform to show me she had removed her underwear, i couldnt believe this was happening to me, we kissed hard, her hands were quickly feeling for my cock, she began to wank my now hard prick, i felt between her legs, her pussy was sopping wet, we stumbled over to the table where i`m sorry to say i came about 30 seconds after putting my cock inside her. `not to worry, she said `i like it when a man gets so turned on by me, that it makes them cum quickly` we will try again tomorrow night!! we never did as she had to work with a trainee nurse the following evening, but i often think about her, and now after reading about her on this site, it makes me wonder how many other luchy patients have had the pleasur of Celine the sxy manchester nurse!?!