Written by feistybbw

19 Aug 2006

I’ve been married for 12yrs and my husband has no idea what I get up to, he thinks I’m visiting friends when I’m really out getting my brains shagged out!

This particular night I had already arranged to meet Matt a bloke I had been chatting to for a while. I was wet thru just thinking about the fucking I would be getting later when my hubby came upstairs as I was getting ready. He was lay on the bed naked watching me dress. Well not being one to pass up the chance to have a good seeing too I straddled his nice hard cock and rode it till we both exploded. I was running late and hadn’t time to shower again so off I went out with my pussy already full of cum. I arrived at Matts house and no sooner was I in the door I was being pushed up against the hall wall having the life kissed out of me while with one hand he was feeling my very wet pussy and with his other hand he was feeling my now rock hard nipples. He pushed me towards the stirs and bent me over as he fell to the floor and took his tongue to my aching clit and proceeded to lick and nibble me till I came all over his face. I never mentioned that my husband had only just emptied his spunk in me too and Matt never said anything. As he stopped to catch his breath I turned round and got his wonderful hard cock out of his jeans and licked the pre-cum of the end before I ran my tongue up and down the shaft savouring the taste of every inch of him. I then teased his cock slowly taking it in my mouth and slowly sucking it in and out, Matt was moaning appreciatively… I was gagging to have more hot cum in my pussy so I turned over again and he plunged it straight in my dripping hot pussy and fucked me so hard I was screaming with pleasure. He soon came pumping me full of his spunk and I drove home that night back to my husband with a pussy full of cum and wondering if I could get away with my hubby licking me out when I got home with out him suspecting a thing…….