Written by Youngcouple8928

3 May 2009

my wife is 28, brunette with shoulder-length hair, pretty face, petite (size 10, about 5ft 4) with a curvy body. i think she always looks sexy, she likes wearing short skirts but never shows too much cleavage. I had sometimes thought about other men fancying her and it had sparked off a mixed set of emotions. And i noticed that the thought of a situation where should could be chatted up by other men without me being there gave me a little twinge of excitement.

She was going to a reunion with some of her University friends at a house party (for one of the \'eternal students\' - who never wanted to leave) and i quickly made my excuses about how i wouldn\'t be able to go, some of the people i did know but not that well and to tell the truth she didnt either. at first she was a bit miffed with me but i said i would pick her up and she could txt me when she was ready to leave. Already in my mind i was tentatively concocting a little fantasy where she would be chatted up and so on, although i didnt dare to even think further than that - i was hoping when i came to pick her up i could encourage her to be a little bit frisky with me in the car and you know..!

Anyway as i waited at home i got terribly bored, and i thought she was a bit peed off with me, so, rather than waiting for the text message i thought i would go along - 2am is normally her cut off time for such things - so i got in the car at 1am, drove down, half expecting a text message from her before i got there. As i drove down i started to feel a little excited by thinking about what she was wearing: her favourite short white skirt and a cute little blouse/top thing with short sleeves, she had her dark hair tied back in a pony tail slightly to the side, her nice dangly earrings and her very sexy high heels.

i got to the house and could hear the music before i even got out of the car, it was a big Victorian house converted into flats - i knew it very well from student days, 12 people lived there - great place for parties, 3 floors.

Anyway the door was open and most people were pissed. i wandered in, didn\'t recognise anyone - although it was quite dark and i meandered slowly through the ground floor with my phone in my hand - there was no way i would have heard it ring or beep for the text message with all the music and raised voices. Anyway she wasn\'t on the ground floor, i went to the first floor, 2nd floor and finally the top floor and looked out the window, i could see her in the back garden, not too clearly, but she was helping another girl up who was obviously very pissed and a very smartly dressed bloke was also assisting my wife in helping this drunk girl. I recognised him immediately. His name was Dale and he was a bit of a arrogant prick, he was a mature student when we were at Uni ( we were 20 and he was 28 back then, now he was 36), he had his own car, more money than us more experience, blah blah - you know the type. He was quite good looking and a keen rugby player, but the girls used to call him \"marmite\" (you either love him or hate him apparently), my wife didn\'t

really like him but she would have spoken to him and i\'m sure appreciated his help with the pissed up girl.

I didnt want her to see me and i was in an adventurous mood, slightly worried it could all backfire (hoping she had drunk a couple of drinks to loosen up) but sometimes you do these things don\'t you?

i sent her a text but i didnt let on i had arrived i just put \"Hope u ok - let me know what time for pick up as am quite tired xx\". At this point i had gone up to the top bedroom - which is kind of in a strange set-up, it\'s difficult to describe but it\'s a loft conversion which only can be accessed by a ladder from the living room in the top flat. the bedroom itself is small, slanted walls and a gap in the middle for the ladder (cheapo students eh?). In the parties the top flat living room and bedrooms were normally closed off and people that lived there would put all their valuables and anything they didn\'t want trashed up there. The living room door was shut but i knew there was no lock for it so i\'d gotten in ok and there was the thought that if you hid up in the loft-converted bedroom you could see all that would go on in the living room but they couldn\'t see you.

My plan was to wait for my wife to text and tell her to come up to the top bedroom and not to turn the light on and i could pretend i was another man and have a little fantasy played out up there in the dark and we\'d be able to see anyone who came in and they would have to get up the ladder to see us... that was the plan anyway.

I waited quietly checking my phone, and without warning the door downstairs (to the top flat living room) opened, i didn\'t make a sound just held my breath and felt my heart beat a bit faster as i could see it was my wife closely followed by Dale who shut the door behind him. My wife looked cross, i couldn\'t really see her face too well - imagine when you have been up in a loft and peered down into the room below with out wanting to be seen - she\'d walked just out of range, i could see from her midrif down. i was positioned more or less over the centre of the room, living room door to my right (Dale just inside it), my wife stood hands-on-hips, slightly off centre to my left, almost against the back wall. She was arguing with Dale, not too badly - and i was concerned with them spotting me and having to explain myself, anyway i heard everything they were saying over the muted music from downstairs.

my wife - \"will you stop following me?\" she had that stern tone to her voice and she can be very stubborn at times, i almost felt sorry for him. He was all charm and hands spread openly in mock innocence - he was saying - \"hey i just helped you there, what have i done wrong now?\"

her - \"Listen. thankyou for helping me i do appreciate that but doesnt mean i want to fawn all over you like the rest of your fanclub..\" i could sense he actually liked the acknowledgement that there were other women who did fancy him, he was trying his best not to be smug about that..

him - \"im not downstairs letting them fawn all over me am i ? i\'d rather be here. and you do like being around me - i know you do.\"

she made an exasperrated \'grrrr\' sound, the one that always makes me give in and back out of any argument i\'m having with her.

her - \"you are SO arrogant Dale! i can\'t even look at you i\'m that mad..\" and she walked to the side slightly, and a bit forward so i could see her clearly - i was petrified she would look up and see me or hear me breathing, i needed to turn my phone off, as delicately as i could i felt for the power button on the top and squeezed it fully, i darent move to look at it but i was pretty sure it had gone off. she was stood by one of the armchairs and she looked quite angry. give Dale his due, he had some nerve - he walked up behind her and continued his arrogant, confindent line-

him - \"you do like me, and you know i like you..\" to my amazement he walked up right behind her and blew softly on the back of her neck, i saw her close her eyes and her hands tightened on the top of the armchair,

he moved his hands to her waist and lowered his voice but i could still hear him, arrogant bastard - wasnt even shy.

him - \"yeah, your not shouting now are you? you know i\'m right don\'t you?\" i saw her little face nod, he continued;

him - \"thats a good girl, you don\'t say a fucking word now you understand?\" and as she nodded he slid his hand down over her skirt and squeezed her bum. \"you stay right where you are, you don\'t move until i say, i need to make sure this door is closed.\" and he left her where she was and took a dining chair from the other side of the room and jammed it under the door handle, ever confident he didn\'t hurry as much as i would have done.

neither of them looked up, in fact my wife\'s eyes were closed. He returned to the same position and i watched feeling very aroused and slightly jealous at the same time. His left hand was on her left cheek over her skirt and he squeezed it, looking down as he did so, he then slid his left hand down her left leg, round to the inside of her right leg and slowly up her skirt, she gasped excitedly and he carried on talking to her - \"that\'s a good girl, oh you dirty bitch - your pussy is very wet isn\'t it?\" she bit her lip and nodded quickly. he took his right hand off of her waist and pulled the front of her top away from her body whilst looking over her shoulder down her top. he then took his other hand away from between her legs and unbuttoned her top enough so he could pull it down from her shoulders. He then pulled her bra-straps away from her shoulders and down, her breasts popping out, nipples were hard. He brought both his hands round and squeezed her tits, kissing the back of her neck. then keeping his right hand fondling my wife\'s right breast he moved his left hand back around her bum and up her skirt, pulling her knickers down slightly. I\'m sure he was fingering her and stroking her pussy, she started to moan and move against his hand. This went on for probably a few minutes, it seemed like a long time though. He kept stroking her and fondling her and he was talking to her again, calling her a dirty bitch which she seemed to love and he told her she better please him like a dirty bitch. She kept in the same position with her eyes closed but she moved her left hand back behind her and started stroking his cock through his trousers. Dale relinquished groping my wife for all of the 10 seconds it took him to undo his trousers and pull his trousers and pants down, he then resumed groping her as she felt for his cock with her hand and slowly wanked it up and down. She then turned round and started french kissing him on the mouth, her top and bra pulled down, breasts exposed, her knickers pulled down but she still had her skirt and heels on. His hands were groping her tits and her pussy whilst she felt his cock with both hands. Then she looked at him coyly and never took her eyes off him but dropped to her knees submissively and kept both her hands on his cock. It was such a contrast from her feisty, stubborn self - here she was, submissively on her knees, knickers around her ankles, her tits being fondled by this arrogant older man. who\'s arrogance always used to annoy her and yet she was about to give him a dirty blowjob. she looked up at him the whole time throughout, taking his cock in one hand and gently stroking his balls with the other. She kissed the end of his cock and then gently all over, before licking it up and down and then finally pushing her mouth over it. his cock was rock hard by this point and practically throbbing, she gently bobbed up and down on it, stroking his balls the whole time, then she kept the end in her mouth and wanked it off slowly with her other hand. He reached down and fondled her tits calling her a dirty bitch again and encouraging her to suck his cock harder, then he put his hand on the back of her head and pushed her on to it for a bit before making her keep her head still so he could fuck her mouth, he told her to keep her mouth tight around it whilst he did so. He slowed down and told her that as she was such a dirty bitch he was going to come in her mouth and she was going to like it, she mumbled and nodded her head in agreement and then he started to swear at her and told her to suck his cock harder - soon she was frantically sucking his cock and wanking it off into her mouth. His breath was getting shorter and he was grunting, she was sucking it, licking it all over, going down on it. She started licking and wanking it frantically until he said he was going to come and she hurriedly took it deep in her mouth and he pushed her head down and held it there as he came. It was a surreal sight to secretly watch my young wife letting this arrogant bastard come hard into her mouth and make her swallow it down. Once he\'d come completely and she had licked his cock he started doing up his trousers, she looked like she was still horny and i guessed he hadnt made her; come the selfish bastard had just used her body to give him an orgasm. She pulled her knickers up and said - \"I got to go now Dale..\" and she took out her phone but to my surprise (and i must confess, delight) he just frowned and said \"you are not going anywhere, except with me - we are going to get a taxi back to my place now and i\'m going to spend the rest of the night fucking your brains out..\" she smiled but said that her husband (me) was going to pick her up. he just said \"so? just text him and say you got really drunk and some other girl has taken you home with her, in fact make out like its the other girl using your phone to txt your husband as you are so drunk and then turn the phone off and feign ignorance. just say you cant remember much the next day.\" and my wife nodded and got her things and went.

I waited for ages - again it was probably only 5 minutes - and then went down the ladder and cautiously (and very quickly) left, i turned my phone on and sure enough there was the text ! i just texted back and said ok hope you are alright - give me a call in the morning.

she didn\'t come back until 4pm the next day, whilst she was out i was imagining that wherever she was Dale was probably fucking her hard, i imagined all the positions he was putting her in and i thought she\'d probably give him another blowjob..

i left it a till the evening, then i confronted her...