19 May 2018

About 6 months ago our neighbours John [31] and Donna [26] informed us that they would be advertising for a lodger as times were hard, her husband lost his job in the local area and was therefore was forced to find work away from home, and would it be possible if either John or the new lodger [he or she] could park their car at the top of our double drive way to which we agreed. After about 6 weeks Donna came around to the house and told us that they had found a lodger named Howard who would be staying at their house for around 6 months has he was working in the area on a building site .

On the day he arrived Carol and I were doing some gardening and Donna called us over to be introduced, we exchanged pleasantries etc and welcomed into the area, 3 days later John had to leave to go and work in Cambridge Monday to Friday returning home at the weekends. Two weeks later I came home from work only to find Donna in the house all flustered and embarrassed talking to Carol about Howard and seemed a little bothered that I was there unexpected. After making some excuse she said she had to go has she had to cook Howard’s tea .

Donna is a sweet girl around 5ft 4in size 14/ 16 with large tits, slim waist, and long blonde hair that goes down just below her shoulders and blue eyes. John is 5ft 11 slim build and seems a bit soft as he jumps every time Donna opens her mouth seems like she wears the trousers in his house. Howard was around 40 years old short hair and is rather overweight between 18 and 20 stone and has a very large belly. I asked Carol what was wrong with Donna, carol told me he Howard had made a pass at her and said that on the Monday of this week she came home after a night out with the girls only to find Howard in her bedroom wanking his cock whilst going though her wardrobe and set of draws and found her sexy underwear.

He also discovered a vibrator that she had purchased still in its box unused, he asked her why she had got it and did John her husband know about it , she was half drunk and told him to mind his own business and to put her underwear and the vibrator back in the draw and that he had better not tell John about it otherwise he will be kicked out. Howard then turned and said to her I will tell your husband about you going out at night and spending his hard earned money and getting half pissed if she doesn’t do has he says.

She told Carol she had no choice but to do as he said, he told her to go into the bathroom to freshen up and when she returns he expects her to wear the black bask he found in the set of draws with suspenders. She went to the bathroom and did what he said, had a wash changed into the bask and stockings then sheepishly she returned to the bedroom with her arms covering the tops of her tits. Howard was lying on the bed and handed her a large vodka which she knocked back very quickly. Howard took her by the hand and told her that he wanted to eat her pussy and that he would fuck her but would want her to suck him off and let him come on her tits

According to carol she told me that this man Howard had eaten Donna's pussy solidly for 2 hours making her come 4 times and got her to sit on his face while she was holding onto the headboard bucking back and forth on his tongue has he freed her tits from the bask , then making her sit astride of him he held her by her waist a she rode his cock hard and fast , before making her kneel on the edge of the bed and came over her tits , Donna also told Carol that he shares her bed 4 nights a week each night he eats her pussy and she loves it.

Carol then told me that Donna and John are going on holiday for two weeks and that Donna has asked her to keep an eye on the house just in case Howard bring homes any of his work mates back, that night Carol and I fucked like rabbits as she was talking dirty to me saying she might give herself to Howard and if she gets the chance she will go over to Donna's house and sleep with him and take our IPad over and secretly film it for use to view at a later date.

Well guess what it happened [ only at our house ] I was getting ready to go to work as I was on noon’s Carol has asked Howard if he would plaster the ceiling in the living room and that when he knocks at the door she will open it wearing an orange knitted dress see through, and topless with tassels on her [34gg] tits has she wants him to eat her pussy too, I filmed her before I went to work [see photos].

She promised to set up the IPad to record the event and that we can watch it later together, off to work I went with a large erection thinking what might happen. Carol later told me how the event unfolded, after I left for work she had a couple of G and Ts to calm her nerves then at 4pm there was a knock on the door, Carol ran into our bedroom and turned on the IPad to record and went off to open the door, she opened the door just as I left her with an orange crocheted completely see through around her waist and topless all but for the tassels on her nipples. I heard the door open and

Howard said “fucking hell what’s going on here “

Carol replied “well hello Howard a little bird tells me your good at eating pussy and you love big tits , well am hoping you will eat my pussy and suck my big tits “

“Your joking aren’t you “replied Howard.

I wouldn’t have opened the door to you dressed like this now would I if I was joking “replied Carol.

I heard him walk into the house and close the door they both went into the living room were Carol offered him a drink and poured herself another G and T , she told him that Donna had told her about catching him in her bedroom wanking his cock and that he had made her dress up for him and that Donna had sat on his face and he made her cum and ever since then he had slept in her bed when her husband was away and she wanted what she had experienced. It then went very quiet apart from the sound of moaning by Carol, I then heard her say to him “now show me your cock “, 5 minutes later in walked Carol minus the tassels and orange string typed dress closely followed by Howard the builder all 20 plus stone of him cupping and running his hands all over her boobs from behind as they entered the room. I could tell how she behaved that she had, had one too many has Howard pushed her onto the bed turning her around to face him at the same time.

Once on her back he got onto the bed and started to kiss her and mauling her boobs all the time saying “fucking hell your tits are fucking massive “running his hands all over her body Carol was becoming more and more aroused by this overweight man, then he said to her “now tell me what you want” carol replied “I want you to eat my pussy “with that he got between her legs and started to lick her, she started to moan out loud , he then got up and dragged her by her legs down towards the bottom of the bed so her legs dangled over the edge. I couldn’t believe my luck as this brought her closer to my IPad that was capturing the action again her went down on her eating her pussy and running his hands all over her stomach and then onto her boobs, Carol was moving from left to right tits swaying moaning uncontrollably.

Howard the ordered her to Lean up on her elbows, Carol told him she carnet, again he said it only it was more of an order “I said lean up on your elbows “so there she was feet dangling over the edge of the bed sitting half way supported only by her arms with him eating her pussy and cupping her 34gg boobs then shaking her boobs at the same time, she became very aroused and started to move her body as if she was riding his tongue all the time moaning very loudly , until she slumped down on her back once again stretching her arms out above her head it was at this time she had come all over his tongue has she grabbed his right arm and dug her nails into him at that moment I knew that she was his , under his control to do with her whatever he wanted

. After she regained her composure they both went under the covers talking to each other Carol told him that in all her life she had never had oral sex like that and that she wanted more of the same from him, Howard went down her pussy 3 more times and fucked her with lying down on her side all in 57 minutes which I have got recorded on my IPad, from which I placed on my video camera by recording it [ see photos ] Carol told me that he left her in bed so she could sleep after an hour , then he called her at 8pm asking her if she would like a repeat performance , am on nights in a couple of weeks and I know Carol will be inviting him over to share our bed for a couple of hours and will be opening the door in a two piece bikini [ 2 sizes ] too small for him , this time she told me she will ride his cock once hes been down on her pussy.

Me I carnet wait to view the footage