Written by Paul

26 Oct 2004

My girlfriend, Ann, and I had been planning her liaison with another man for many months. Initially she was very reluctant but gradually warmed to the idea as she realised how aroused I became each time we discussed it in bed. I had wanted to see her take the lead in seducing a guy and perhaps me joining in for a threesome later in the session.

We considered suitable men from our group of friends, work colleagues and even neighbours and we had great fun describing what we would do and how big his cock would be.

We finally decided to try and arrange something with a near neighbours eldest son, 18 and still at high school, and a bit geeky. We had never seen him with a girlfriend but he would regularly call at the house to collect lotto money for the syndicate that Ann had joined. He wasn't particularly good looking but that didn't concern us at all, it was his tackle we were more concerned with. We planned that the next time he called at the house Ann would invite him in on the pretext that she needed a hand with moving some furniture. The next stage would be up to her, how to get into his pants and how to offer him her body.

We agreed that on the first occassion I should not be involved in a threesome, in fact, she would make out that she was alone in the house. I agreed to stay quietly out of the way whilst she got down to it but that I would sneak a look around the door if she left it ajar.

The day arrived and on cue, the lad arrived at the door. I slipped upstairs and listened to Ann inviting him in. Their voices became loud as they passed through the hall and then quiet again as they entered the front room. My heart was thumping and my breathing heavy. My dick was in my hand, rigid and already oozing pre-cum. I imagined how she was getting on and whether I could go down for a quick look. After several minutes I couldn't wait any longer and crept downstairs. I stood quietly at the door, left slightly open for my benefit, and listened. I couldn't hear a thing and wondered whether they both had their mouths full!

I gingerly peered round the door, my dick poking through the flies of my jeans, and wanking furiously. The sight was fantastic. My girlfriend was lying topless in the middle of the floor with the lad straddling her face with his back to me. I immediately thought how scrawny he looked but I could clearly se his cock being thrust repeatedly into Anns mouth. From my vantage point it didn't appear that his cock was very big but his balls seemed massive. They were swinging round Ann's chin and her fingers were kneading them gently. I watched as he continued pumping before pulling out. Ann took hold of his cock, (I could now see clearly that it was rather small but at least she could get it fully in her mouth), and wanked him into her face. A few seconds later he started erupting, emptying those huge balls with stream after stream of hot cum splashing onto Anns face. It was too much for me and I ejaculated in my hand, a quick retreat upstairs to clean up and stay out of the way. It wasn't long before I heard the front door shut and Ann arrived at the bedroom door. She was still topless with small rivers of cum running down each breast, having dripped from her sperm covered face. She looked beautiful!

It was our first experience of having other men in our relationship and we have enjoyed many similar pleasures since.