Written by Graham

24 Sep 2004

Although I'm not a swinger, I'm a big fan of your site. I love nothing more than to lock my office door, read some of your swingerers stories whilst tossing myself off.

Like most people I have had the odd experience and I'd like to share one with you now.

About 4 years ago I came home after playing golf and as I was going out later that afternoon, went for a shower.

My wife was downstairs with her friend Sandra having a girls chat and quite a fair bit of Pinot Grigio.

After showering I was looking for a particular shirt. Failing to find it, I came downstairs in my bathrobe to ask my wife if she knew where it was.

The girls were giggling and the chat had obviously become sexual. Sandra had been divorced for several years from a guy who I used to play golf with before he ran off with a girl from his office.

My wife, who is normally fairly straight laced and would certainly not indulge in swinging, surprised me by saying,

"Sandra just said she's forgotten what a cock looks like. I told her you'd show her yours."

I found this mildly embarassing. My wife was obviously tipsy but even so this was most unlike her. I tried to make a joke about it but she was insistent. " Come on," she said,

"don't be a spoilsport just give her a flash."

Now my cock is nothing to boast about but having played golf with her ex and seen him in the shower, I knew I was gynormous by his standard.

Both women were now looking at me expectantly so I thought why not. I pulled the robe apart and let Sandra have a good look. I must admit the thought of showing my cock to another woman in my wife's presence had started to get me excited. I didn't have a hard on but I could certainly feel the beginning of one and Sandra was impressed.

"God he's huge Debbie," she said to my wife. "Does he get any bigger?" I felt like a fucking exhibit at a zoo.

"You'll have to find out for yourself," my srait laced wife of 11 years replied. I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

I was standing quite close to Sandra and she looked at my wife as if to say are you sure? My wife just laughed and said go ahead.

By this time I'd covered up but Sandra pushed a probing hand inside my robe and timidly encircled my cock. Most of your correspondents would have been in heaven. Quite frankly I was dying and my cock had shrivelled.

Sandra started to gently wank me but to no avail. It was all rather pathetic. "No wonder Paul left if that's the best you can do," Debbbie laughed.

Sandra's efforts became more earnest and now instead of a gentle rub she was furiously giving me a full blown wank. Now even a corpse should have started to get rock hard but all I had was a lazy lob.

Without more ado, Sandra came from the chair, knelt on the carpet and took my knob in her mouth. Like all men, I love being sucked off but my wife wasn't a great fan of performing the act.

Not so Sandra. I was looking at my wife who had a lustful look in her eye I'd never seen before. whilst her friend sucked greedily on my now rock hard prick.

I have never known a woman suck cock like it. She was actually moaning and drooling. She took it from her mouth and started licking it from the base. I can't remember having a hard on like it. My prick felt about a foot long (I wish).

She licked my balls whilst wanking me and I could feel the cum start to stir in my sack and I knew it wouldn't be long before the first spurt of spunk.

As though she sensed this, Sandra returned my throbbing cock between her warm wet lips and commenced sucking in a frenzy.

It was all to much. With just a soft cry of "Jesus!" I shot a huge hot load into her mouth. It seemed like I would never stop pumping and she was determined to savour every last drop of hot cream. She again took it from her mouth and wanked me with my bell end next to her inviting lips. It was like watching a drunk try to get the last drops from a whisky bottle.

I must confess my legs were getting shaky and I had to sit down.

Amazingly, neither woman said any more and I left the room deciding to wear a different shirt.

Although Sandra is still a regular visitor to my house, neither she nor my wife has ever mentioned the incident again.

I know this is a tame tale in comparison to most of your correspondents but certainly nothing like it had ever happened to me before. Or sadly since