Written by anu

19 Jan 2007

We went for holidays to my mother in laws place . Once we were there my wife was free and she wore see through dresses. I told her do not do this as your Indian servant Mundu watches you. She said he is just akid of 18 years only . I said he may be kid of 18 years but I am sure he gets his cock hard watching you . She said I am 45 , he got no interst in me

She said I will ask him . I challanged her to ask him.

Soon Mundu was called. I found my cock getting hard . She noticed my cock getting hard and she slipped her hand in my boxers and took hold of my cock.

Mundu came and she asked him , do you like me . At the same time she lowered my boxers and showed my cock to Mundu and said does your cock gets hard like my husband .

He smiled and and his boxers were down and said not like your husband but bigger then him.

We both looked amazingly as his 11 inch hard cock poped and she took his cock in mouth /

To cut astory shory MUYndu fucked my wife twice a day for next 1o days .

Not only that he called other 6 munduns to fuck her togther.

he let me suck his cock sometime and one napali mundu fucked my arsa in front of my wife .

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