Written by George and Helen

26 Sep 2004

Like many couples in their mid-forties our sex life had become routine. With both of us working and children away from home it became the norm for us to play around only on Friday or Saturday night, that’s if we weren't too tired. We had spoken many times about experimenting but the thrill of thought never got transferred to practice - that was until last week. I'd been away for a couple of nights and got back earlier than expected on Friday afternoon. My wife's car was in the drive along with that of a young couple we met recently on holiday. We'd given them an open invitation to visit so I guess they'd done just that.

I'd expected them to be downstairs having a drink but all was quiet except for some mood music coming from upstairs. When I got to the bedroom there was my wife on all fours, being shafted by Brian whilst she was going down on Diane’s pussy as if there was no tomorrow. When she eventually saw me there was no shock, she just said, " are you just going to watch, or are you going to join in?"

It didn’t take long for me to undress and start licking on Diane’s erect nipples and the sight of Helen being shafted by someone else was a turn on greater than I'd expected. If she was having fun I decided it was my turn and I lay Diane on her side and took her from behind while still watching her being shafted - God she looked great. Not surprisingly it didn’t take long for me to come, which seemed to coincide with Brian and Helen climaxing together.

As we rested the girls offered to put on a show for us but only if later we did their bidding. What the hell, watching two women together would be worth whatever they had in store - oh yes! What a performance they put on. I didn’t realise Helen had ever considered having another woman but she sure made up for missed time and it was if they knew each others wants without asking. It was probably one of the most erotic times of my life, but I was just about to pay dearly.

Yes, you’ve probably guessed. The girls now wanted the boys to perform and although I’d never thought about sucking a cock there was something good about going down on a guy and listening to the obvious pleasure he was getting. When Brian went down on me it was fantastic – he obviously knew what he was doing and stopped just before I nearly shot my load down his throat. “Well that’s us done” I said and was ready to start again on Diane. But Helen had other ideas and was not going to let us off so lightly, but as a compromise, I could fuck Diane while Brian fucked me. If you’ve never had it done to you don’t criticise others. It’s an experience like you’ve never known and to then be on the giving end is just as mind blowing. After that I think we tried every combination possible and we all ended up tired, sore and extremely satisfied. I’m not sure how thing will go on from here but we all agreed it won’t be the last time and Brian and Diane asked if next time they could bring some friends. Helen and I have some close friend who we think would be up for some fun so if you are in the Southampton area and know us you may get more than expected next time you visit.