Written by sammy

14 Sep 2006

Hi all just thought I would write down about me being the faithful wife even though my husband as gone on for ages about me fucking other men. I must admit when we have talked about during our love making it as affected my orgasm’s so they really blow my mind. But in reality I am happy with our love life and have always thought of my husband to be the perfect lover.

I was on the pc one day which for me is very rare I only use one in a blue moon anyway went I went to bookmarks. There I saw this site and started reading letters some stories seem far fetched while others seam to be quite feasible and true. After about an hour I came across this story with mine and my husbands names and a name of a neighbour that we new.

I though my god he has wrote a story about us some of which true but a lot was down to his imagination. We had fantasised about this man fucking me after something he did but never was there any sexual involvement. I was amazed at what he had wrote and I thought just wait until the bustard comes home from work I’m going to tackle him over this. Anyway I sat reading other stories through out the day and some of them really turned me on.

Well 6 o’clock arrived and Jim was home from work but by this time I had calmed down and I never mentioned that I had read this story. As the night wore on I was really feeling hot and bothered and ready for a good fucking from Jim. We went off to bed and put on a dvd watching a woman getting fucked by two men while her husband was working away. I said to him how would you like to see me being taken by them two, he started to grunt and oh fuck yes let them fuck you. Ho yes ho yes then he tensed up and I felt his hot sticky spunk fill me juicy wet cunt as I came along with him.

The next day I went back to the story that he had wrote on this site saying how our neighbour mike had fucked one drunken night. It was true that he had tried it on and slipped his hand between my legs against my knickers. I was completely shocked and pushed him away telling him in no uncertain terms I was not available. But Jim had wrote that he fucked in both the pussy and the arse which was totally untrue, no one as ever fucked my arse hole. Well about a month late I was coming home from shopping on the bus when mike got on and sat next to me, he told me his van had broken down.

I was wearing a white tee shirt and a short red skirt and he complimented me on dress and said you still have great legs Sammy. I am now 38 years old but I keep myself in shape and Jim says I have the best arse ever given to a woman. But there again he’s my husband and I take little heed in what he says at times. Well while I was sitting there talking to mike I felt his and against my thigh but did not know if this was accidental or if he was making a move on me again. We had about a twenty minute ride and the bus was full so I said nothing when slowly his hand was moving under my thigh. I squirmed hoping that he would get the message and move his hand but no he kept it there.

Then he whispered in my ear I would give anything to be in your pussy I just ignored what he said and the end of the journey could not come quick enough for me. I told Jim that evening what had happened and he replied I would give anything to just to see him fuck you. I said look this is serious I know he replied you should see the size of his cock he would really stretch you to the limit. That night Jim made a move and brought up mike name again saying he could really make a new woman of you but I have I replied

But has Jim slipped his six inch cock into me I must admit I thought of mike in a wanting way for the first time. I was getting fed up with Jim always banging on about mike and how big he was and how I should let him fuck me. The next day I was in the garden soaking up the sun when I thought mike’s curtains moved in the bedroom. I was wearing a short skirt as usual and I don’t know what got into me but I thought I will test mike out. I opened my legs exposing my knickers and sure enough the curtains moved again.

I must be mad but I started to stroke my inner thigh and this was getting me excited and wet I was now starting to imagine mike inside me. I sat there for around two hours but mike never came out so eventually the feelings subsided. Next day Jim went off to work at eight o’clock when shortly after there was a knock at the door it was mike. He walked in and said thought you would tease hey, you horny little bitch. He scooped me up in his arms telling me what a beautiful woman I was and how he longed to take me. I was not resisting this time I was thinking to myself well Jim you wanted me to do so here I go.

Mike was kissing my neck and my ear lobes which was making my pussy cream up and I was only wearing my dressing gown. Mike reached down and undid the belt as my gown came open and he removed it from my shoulders. There I was stark naked in font of him, ho heaven he murmured you a complete angel I want to love you all my life. I was completely under his spell as Jim had never spoken to me like this and I was loving it. Mike ran his hands gently over my body circling the edges of my nipples and glancing over my hairy pubic mound but not really touching it. I want to savour ever inch of you to smell you and inhale you sweet aroma, my god I was melting into him and I wanted him.

He lay me on the settee and he stripped off in front of me, Jim was right about one thing he sure had a massive cock. Do want it my darling Sammy, do you want in your mouth I never answered I just closed my lips around the beautiful cock and sucked him in. He stared to fuck my mouth like it was a cunt faster and faster ho darling I’m coming he said. So I sucked for all I was worth as his spunk filled my mouth I wanted it all as I kept on sucking as his spunk filled my adulteress belly. I started to think of my husband he has never made love to me so gentle as mike was doing now and I wanted more.

Mike lowered himself down my body calling me his goddess as his lips met my saturated pussy licking greedily saying fill my mouth with your love juice. My body started to shake as an orgasm ripped through me more intense than I had ever had with my husband. I as desperate for his cock as he continued to lick my pussy and my arse hole which was driving me wild. Ho my beautiful, beautiful darling I want my finger up your arse, yes I cried yes even though I had never ever let anybody do this to me. But this seemed so right to let this man have my puckered hole which he did inserting his finger al the way in.

This made me climax once again as my head rolled from side to side I never believed that sex could be so powerful. While I was still in the throws of orgasm mike pulled his finger from my arse hole and offered it to my lips and without hesitation I greedily sucked the taste of my inner arse from his finger. Turn over darling while I fuck you,, you know that you’ve always wanted me haven’t you yes yes please fuck me, fuck me now. I felt his big cock pushing against my saturated cunt as it slipped in then back out then back in again, ho my god this was pure heaven. Then all of a sudden his cock was at my arse hole no, no , mike no to late he partly was in me,, do you like it my angel I bet you want it all the way in don’t you

I do, I do I want it all the way in then with one big push I felt his cock hit my inner bottom as it rammed home time after time. Mike final came filling my arse with spunk and we spent the rest of the fucking I had at least seven or eight loads of spunk up my pussy. Mike left just before Jim came home when I told him what mike had done to me. He over the moon and he took of my dressing gown and spent an hour licking mike spunk from my well used cunt. I have now got the taste of fucking other men and I want lots more hope you can oblige me