Written by Bob

27 Aug 2004

Got to tell you about my appointment last night. I was last in as the dentist is a pal of mine and he fitted me in as a favour. He sorted out my loose filling and I paid and left with the receptioist. We were walking towads home when I realised I had left my glasses in the surgery. So we returned and she let me back in and she went on to catch her bus. I wandered upstairs to the surgery, knocked and walked in. Before me was my pal lying back in the chair with his dental asistant giving him a blow job!! She turned her head slightly but continued to suck his cock. Then she hitched her overall up slightly to reveal a thin blue thong. My pal grinned and said "her choice" So I lent forward pulled the thong down out of the crack of her arse and started fingering her cunt. With my other hand I undid my trousers and pulled them off one leg. I continued to finger fuck her cunt with 2 fingers as it got wetter and i dipped my thumb in her juices. Then I started easing my thumb into her arse. As it went in her head bucked and she seemed to bite into Dave's cock, but he liked it. By now my cock was stiff and although I like it to be sucked before a fuck I decided to initiate my second favourite so I moved my cock to her cunt dipped it in her juices then moved to her arsehole. I am not the biggest in the world so i was able to ease my cock in to her hole. This made her efforts on my pal speed up and he was starting to moan, so I started going a bit faster and her muscles were gripping me tight..I came my load but her arse gripped me like a vice so I carried on. Then my mate came in her mouth and she sucked and sucked as I fucked her. Then she shook and came while nearly ripping my cock off!! I pulled out my cock still stiff and pushed it in her cunt. She was wanking and ucking my mate like crazy and I came a bit more and went semi. She turned and licked and sucked my cock. "Glad you came back?" Dave asked grinning like a cat. "By the way this is Gina" I grinned and said "Hi Gina" What now I thought. Dave said he had to go and would drop Gina off. Gina said she would make an after hours appointment for me when we all had a bit more time. She will ring me next week!!!