Written by Rasputin

19 Sep 2005

A few years ago when the kids were younger we used to camp/caravan in the new forest. Many's the time we would be down there for the full 6 week school holiday with me commuting back to London/work when required. The wife(K) and I would often let the kids settle down at night and then wander off into the Forest which surrounded the camp site. There, we would have crazy sex, made more exciting by the fact that we were so close to other people. One night I noticed that we were being watched, I said nothing at the time but it was strangly erotic to know that someone was watching you. Later I tolf K about it, she was very excited to think that someone had spied on us and was aroused by it. The following night the same guy was there (walking his white poodle) I told "K" and she said "lets give him a show". I stripped K off and bent her over a tree trunk (fav position) and was thrusting away, our observer came closer and I beckoned to him, he slowly moved towards K 's head. Suddenly she lifted her head and reached out for him, he initially backed away, but then came closer. K reached for his exposed prick and started to suck it, I was so excited I came immediately and he came quickly over her face. With that he zipped himself up and disapeared. The following night the same thing, but he stayed to talk, we found out that he was a widower, name was Bill and he was holidaying with his family. He said that he had not had sex for 8 years and was gratefull for the happiness K had given him. Over the next two weeks we got to know him better and on his last night "K" decided she was going to go the whole way with him. Again that night we met in the ferns, I took his dog and said "she has a treat for you", K then came out of the ferns naked, took his hand and drew him down, I wandered of with the dog you to keep guard, I could hear all sorts of noises but when I came within sight of them I was amazed, K was straddling him, riding him like a jockey on a horse, ie she was not on her knees, she was on her toes bouncing up and down on his phallus. Her face was all puffed up and she was moaning that she wanted more. When she came it was incredible, she let out this yell and then beat Bill with her fists as he continued to pump into her. Needless to say Bill crept back with us to our caravan and we had a wonderful threesome in the caravan awning. Three months later we visited Bill in Plymouth and again he satisfied K to her hearts delight. We still keep in touch and occasionally K goes down there on her own. She tells me all about her experiences and how she has met Bill's croanies.