Written by Kelly

23 Jun 2006

Hi I'm Kelly, single mum, 19, who has just been allocated a Council Flat in Gt Yarmouth, my first home, I'm living at my parents house and spending all day decorating the flat, making it nice for my little girl, there were several things wrong with the flat including the shower, it would only go very hot or cold, not warm, so I was expecting the inspector to come round to check it out.

I had been painting the ceiling in the lounge, with my Dads roller on a long handle, and got emulsion in my hair, so risked a quick shower in very cold water, the day was really hot, so when I got dry, I slipped one of the old shirts my Dad had given me to cover my clothes, I started on the walls of the lounge, when the door bell sounded, it was the inspector, he was about fifty a bit fat, but had a twinkle in his eye, he perved me as soon as I opened the door, his eyes stripping the old shirt off me, seeing what was underneath, he came in and looked at the shower, there was nothing wrong with it, I just didn't know how to work it, he showed me how to set the tempreture, touching me every chance he had, the cheeky devil even asked if I wanted to test the shower before he left just to make sure it was working OK, I noticed my tiny thong laying on the floor, just where I had stripped it of before taking a cold shower, I bent down to pick it up without thinking he stood behind me and could see all my charms as I bent down to hide my thong.

He said that's very nice, I like them shaved, I told him not to be so cheeky, and said I'm young enough to be your daughter, he replied but you're not, you are a very sexy young woman who has just shown me her cute little pussy, and given me a hard on, look he said pointing to the considerable buldge in his trousers, I blushed and felt all hot and very turned on, why, I don't know he was old enough to be my Dad, and not even good looking, he was going bald and had a beer belly, but he was turning me on like never before, it was his eyes, they just made me so horny.

I knew he was going to fuck me, but don't know why, I wanted him but didn't fancy him at all, I just don't know how we had got to this point, he had said nothing, other than a little banter, and I had sort of asked for it bending down in front of him, even if it was unintential, my hand went out all by it's self to touch the thing making a tent in his pants, it felt so big and hard, he reached out and undid the buttons of the shirt, exposing my body, my tits were aching for his touch, but not for long, he carressed them like they were some very precious objects, nothing like my previous boy friends who all grabbed and squeezed, he stroked down my bare tummy, his hands felt like fire on my skin, he ran his fingers through my blond pubes, I held my breath as his fingers opened my lips, touching my clitty with the same gentle, slow, sexy, no hurry feeling he had with my tits, his finger slipped inside me and I came, never had any man made me come so quickly.

He just held me as I shook with pleasure, as soon as I recovered I pulled his belt off and his trousers down, exposing his big hard cock, all thoughts of being as old as my Dad were gone, he was the man who was going to fuck me and god I wanted it, I dropped to my knees holding his cock to my lips, kissing and sucking on the knob, he groaned and said don't do too much of that I want to sample your lovely young cunt, crude maybe but it sounded good to me, he lifted me to my feet and said have you got a bed in here, I said no only a old chair and some steps, he took me into the living room, it was bare except for an old kitchen chair, he led me to the window and bent me over the low sill, in full view of the neighbors, he pushed his cock into me just an inch or two, I wanted it all and pushed back to meet him, getting much more than I bargined for, god it was thick, I felt so stretched, as he pushed it right up, I'm very slim, so he could easily reach round to fondly my clitty, with one hand and my tit with the other, he just throbbed inside me not pumping at all just making his cock twitch, giving me wonderful sensations, he brought me off again, then gripping my hips in his hands he powered his cock into me driving me forward with each stroke, he was so powerful.

I climaxed again, he asked if I was on the pill, I said no, so he pulled out turning me to sit on the window cill, offering his cock to my mouth, I opened my mouth wide and he pushed it in almost gagging me, but I was so turned on I didn't resist, he fucked my face for a few seconds and then filled my mouth with his hot come, I swallowed as much as I could but lots ran out down my chin, and dripped onto my tits, he massaged it in, with his big rough hands, telling me what a wonderful girl I was, and how much he had enjoyed fucking me, I told him it was the best I had ever been fucked, and it was the truth, I will never think of older men as past it ever again, he was so much better than any man my own age, I guess there will be some more things in the flat that will need his attention in the coming weeks, I hope.