Written by Bobthelob

23 Jun 2006

i recently moved into a new flat and had been here about 2 weeks before i started to recognise the neighbours, i have a single lady of about 55 downstairs and a couple next door , followed by another couple and another single lady , i smiled and said hello to all of them as i saw them , but never got much back , when the hot weather started i decided to tidy up the back garden and was out there in just shorts , when Jo the lady dowstairs appeared at the gate , ' thats what i like to see , a man working up a sweat ' she said , i turned round and smiled , she was wearing a small vest top and a skirt just above her knees , i hadn't really paid much attention before , but could see she was very good looking close up , had a nice body , not too slim and nice breasts that were heaving at her top , with that she turned and walked indoors , 5 minutes later she came back out , ' i thought you could do with a cold drink ' she said , and had bought a lager out for me , ' wow , thats great , thanks a lot ' i replied and downed tools , 'come and sit down ' and patted her bench that she had sat down at , as i sat down i caught a nice look down her top at her cleavage , as we were chatting i couldn't stop looking down her top , but was trying to do it so she wouldn't notice , we were flirting a bit by now , and she went to get another glass of beer , while she was gone i adjusted myself as i was sure i was getting the horn and didn't want her to see , she sat much closer this time , and started to touch my leg gently as she was laughing , eventually i stood up and said ' i better get back to work ' ' oh no you dont' she said , let me get to work and grabbed my cock through my shorts , i froze to the spot as she tugged my shorts down and exposed my growing member , 'Mmmmm , just as i hoped a nice big cock to play with ' she said , and started to lick the tip , i had a huge hard on by now and slid my hand down her top as she started to suck , she was really going for it and i thought what the hell and pushed her staps on her top over her shoulders and grabbed her breasts , i stepped out of my shorts and started fucking her mouth , i could feel myself starting to stir , and reached down to get a feel of her pussy , as i slid my hand up i felt no panties , and felt i was going to cum , she felt the twitching and quickened the pace , i warned her i was going to cum , but she just mumbled 'good' and swallowed the lot , your turn i said , and knelt down in front of her and kissed her legs all the way up until i reached her moist pussy i gently licked her clit and pushed my tongue inside her , she pushed her hip forward and raised herself slightly off the bench so i could tongue fuck her , she soon came and soaked my mouth , with that she grabbed my cock and said , 'i need this inside me , right now' , who was i to say no , i positioned myself over her and pushed it in , she let out a huge sigh , 'oh god , thats the first cock i've had in a year' she said , i was gentle at first but soon picked up the pace , she layed back and was just repeating ' oh yes ' eventually she wrapped her legs round me and came , it was soaking again , i just carried on , and she came twice more , i pulled my cock out and started to wank over her , ' please come inside me ' she said , so i turned her round and entered her from behind , trusting away i soon came , and so did she , again , we sat back down , 'thanks' she said , 'if you ever need a wet pussy you knw where i am' , as i walked back to my garden i noticed Helen , one half of the couple next door watching through her fence , she smiled as i looked at her ' nice performance ' she said , 'shame your all loved up and pregnant or you could have some too ' i replied cheekily , ' dont let that stop you , if you make me come like you did her i'll be a very happy girl' thats another time i said