Written by Gordon

11 Aug 2005

My wife, Tania, and I had been out for the New Year celebrations with our friend June while her husband, Sven, had been baby-sitting. We had had quite a few drinks and were very merry when we walked June home at about half past midnight. Sven was still up so we wished him a happy New Year and had a drink with him. We then invited them both to our house, just around the corner, for a few more drinks. June said she was tired but that Sven should pop round with us.

When we got home I put a couple of table lamps on and then a CD before I went to get some drinks. When I returned to the lounge Tania and Sven were dancing, so I started to dance behind my wife with her as a sandwich, I slowly pulled the zip of her dress down and was quite surprised when she didn’t try to stop me. When the zip was fully down, with the help of Sven, I eased the strapless dress down and it dropped to the floor. I could not believe what was happening, there was my gorgeous wife dancing between us stood only in her pants, stockings and suspenders, with her fantastic tits jiggling in time to the music and her nipples standing erect.

I do not think Sven could believe it either as he just looked at me, I gave him a nod and he started to suck one of Tania’s nipples while plucking the other with his fingers. As he was playing with her boobs I undid her suspender belt and, encounting no resistance, pulled her panties and stockings slowly down until she stepped out of them and stood there naked, all the while Sven was sucking on her nipples. I stood behind Tania and reached round with my left hand to cup her boob and play with the nipple I moved my right hand down stroking her lovely arse before parting her legs to slide my fingers into her sopping shaven cunt, but I was too late, Sven already had two fingers deep inside my gorgeous wife’s pussy. Tania opened her legs even further and I was able to slide two fingers in as well.

While Sven had been busy sucking and fingering my wife, she had been undoing his trousers and had pushed them and his pants down far enough to release his rock hard cock, which she was slowly wanking. She bent forward, took his cock into her mouth, and began licking up and down his shaft. By this time, I had stripped off and placing the tip of my rampant knob in her sopping cunt, I began to fuck her doggy fashion. After a couple of minutes in this position Tania turned to suck me which allowed Sven to strip off the rest of his clothes and enter my wife from behind.

We lay Tania on the floor on her back and I knelt over her face, holding her legs wide apart in the air, while she licked my balls, Sven entered her in the missionary position and started to give her a good fucking. A couple of minutes of this and Tania was moaning with pleasure as she came, which seemed to spur on Sven as he exploded inside her just a few seconds later. I took Svens place deep inside my wife’s fanny; it was such a rush to think that seconds earlier it had been filled with another mans cock. I started to pump away with all my might but seeing my wife licking clean the cock of another man was just too much and I came.