Written by Alison

4 Jan 2005

Hi all !!

My name is Alison, i am 28 and am married to a great guy, but i cant stop cheating on him even though i love him, cheating just gives me such a buzz.

I posted a story on here just before christmas about me screwing my husbands mate, who was fitting a new kitchen for us, well, i've been at it again !!

This time i was out with my friend Julie in Manchester and we were really up for it..Julie is cock mad too !! We toured the bars and chatted up by a couple of lads but kept moving around the pubs. At about 10-30, a couple of guys started talking to us and they were really fit, Julie was giving me the eye and i knew she was up for it, she is married too !!

Well, after a few more drinks we were flirting and teasing the guys and Jason, the lad i was with had started to touch my bum and kiss me, i could feel his hard cock presses against me, and it was making me very horny !!

I went up to the bar and jason came up behind me and slipped his hands around my waist whilst pressing his cock into me, i pushed back in to him and that was all the encouragement he needed to squeeze my boobs and pinch my nipples..i swear they are connected to my pussy because it makes me so wet.

After we had drunk our drinks, we were kissing and i asked Jason to take me outside and screw me. When we got out side and out of sight, he had his hand up my skirt and inside my knickers, sliding his big finger in to me. He was so big and strong, he was almost lifting me off the ground as he held and fingered me.

I reached for his cock and unfastened his jeans, wrapping my fingers around it..wanking him. I lowered my head down and sucked him for a few minutes before he pulled me up, and lifted me off the ground, i wrapped my legs aroung his back and wispered into his ear to fuck me. He slid his cock in to me and screwed me for about 10 mins, throwing me around like a rag doll until i came and i bagged him to shoot his come in to me, and a few seconds later he did !

I kissed him and he gently lowered me down and my legs were like jelly. I could fell his warm come up me and i was sooo satisfied. We went back in to the pub and about 5 minutes later Julie came back in with her stud, it looked like she had had a good fucking too, make up smudged, hair all over the place etc. I said to her, 'was it good?' and said she enjoyed it as much as i enjoyed mine...she could she us screwing as she was getting seen to.

We shared a cab with the lads and after they had been dropped off we compared stories before going home. My husband was already in bed when i got in. I got undressed and removed my make-up, and then slid in behind my husband with my fanny full of another mans come. I slept like a top, and the next morning had sex with my husband !! I love him sliding in to me when i have another spunk up me, bad girl....but boy it was nice !!