Written by Andrew

14 Jan 2006

News Years Eve for my gorgeous, redhead wife, Melinda, went with a bang!

If you have been following her antics you will know that my mate John had been the first to “pop her marital cherry” earlier in 2005, when he had fucked her at our house after a drunken night at the pub! After that, Melinda had had regular visits from John, sometimes when I was there, others when not, but each time he had fucked her!

Over a period of months, Mel had got used to being serviced by two guys, often at the same time!

Just before Christmas, he had turned up at our house with two black mates of his, as a surprise for her! I photographed every minute of the slut taking two black cocks and John’s too! It was incredible, and many of you have even seen the photos!

Well New Years Eve proved to be equally as exciting for me and Melinda, thanks to John, again! Mel had suggested we invited him round to see in the New Year and hopefully have another threesome! Sounded good to me! But we were both in for a surprise!

Mel had been drinking since tea time so was quite pissed by the time the door bell rang at 9pm. I watched her walk to the door in her short mini skirt, stilettos and see through, tarty, top. She opened the door to find John, as expected, but he had brought five guys with him!!

“Happy New Year Melinda!” he said, kissing her on the cheek, “I’ve brought some mates for you to enjoy!” I was as stunned as her!

I went into the kitchen to get some beers and by the time I got back into the lounge, she was on the floor with John kissing her and the other five guys touching her up!

I went to fetch the camera and sat back to enjoy the show!

Within minutes they’d stripped her, there were hands all over her tits and fingers sharing her cunt! She’d lost it all together and was theirs for the taking!

Soon there were six naked guys and my wife, six hard cocks in need of attention, and she clearly was going to satisfy each and every one!

John was the first to fuck her, no condom, just straight in, doggy style, as she bent over and sucked some guys dick! What a dirty slut she looked! Once he’d fucked her and spunked, another guy took his place. As Melinda screamed out in pleasure, he added his spunk to John’s and already a trickle of their cum was oozing from my wife’s slit!

I watched and photographed the tart fucking six different men. As she saw in the New Year, my wife was impaled on a stranger’s cock, begging for more!

She was amazing and I’m so proud of her! Can’t wait to celebrate her birthday!!