Written by peter , jane ,pete

28 Nov 2003

stood at the bar after work , just having a quiet drnk before going home for supper , i sat down and began chatting to a couple who had been xmas shopping , we exchaged a few words about the price of the presents that they had bought ,

then the lady ( jane ) excused herself to use the loo , i couldnt help but notice that jane wasnt wearing a bra , noticing that her nipples where clearly on view as she squeezed past , putting a really big grin on my face ,

i took a sip of my lager and nearly choked , as jane came back from the loo her husband peter told her that i had nearly choked at the sight of her erect nipples , i didnt say a word , jane just gave a great big smile as she went past to her seat , i did notice that she had left her coat open and allowed me further views of her nipples poking through her top ,

pete began to go through the bags of shopping , showing me what he bought for jane ,asking what you think of these then , showing me the smallest skirt and top set i had ever seen , all i could say was wow , they where very pretty in green lycra, i then said are you sure that jane will fit into them , peter said they are a size 10 but jane is a 12 , it doesnt matter because they are for fun only ,

i began telling them both that i was a single guy and that i hadnt seen a lady dressed like that fore some time , peter replied , how would you like to see jane trying them on tonight , i looked towards jane and saw a smile and an ageering yes ,we arranged to meet at there home at 9-30 pm ,

i arrived at 9-30 on the dot ,rang the door bell and waited , the door was answered by jane dressed in the skirt and top which i had seen earlier , looking even shorter then i had hoped and jane was also wearing hold up stockings , invited me into the lounge she asked if i wanted a drink, i went and sat on the sofa and looking at jane as she poured my drink ,

bending over slightly i noticed that the skirt was just covering her bum cheeks and has she bent the skirt rose a little more , she either had a thong on or was naked under the skirt , i could hear that peter was taking a shower, he was singing verl loudly in the shower,

jane brought my drink to me and sat beside me with her drink , we started chatting about her clothes and i told her that she looked very sexy and that she had really nice legs , she thanked me and said do you like my legs , and began to run her hands up her legs and lifting her bum from the sofa as hands reached the hem of the skirt , clearly showing her bare thigh above her stockings , then standing she raised the skirt to her waist ,

my cock jutted out, i was red in the face and getting turned on by the sight in front of me ,

at this time peter entered the lounge , than said , hope you 2 are not starting without me , jades reply was , no hunny im just teazing , having a little fun , seeing if i can still give a guy a stiff cock without touching him , i said , yes you can jane , look at my cock i didnt have to stand up to show my hard on , there it was straining at the material ,

getting himself a beer ,and returning to us peter joined us , but he sat in a large arm chair opposite jane and myself , peter looked at jane and told her that he was ready now and that he couldnt wait to watch the show , it was then that jane told me that peterwas a voyeur and enjoyed watching his wife having fun with other guys whilst he watched ,

jane knew what was expected and began to stroke her own breasts , allowing her own fingers to pause at her niples to squeeze and pull gently , showing me that she wanted me to join in the fun , i was shaking like a fucking leaf , nervous as hell , taking a gulp from my drink then putting the glass back down i placed a hand on janes knee , she immediately took charge and guided it up between her thighs , which she opened as our hands reached her cunt ,

place her hands back on her breasts and shuffling her arse to the edge of the sofa i began to finger janes cunt and massage her clitty ,jane took one hand from her breasts , unzipped my pants , took out my cock and began wanking my cock with long steady and slow strokes, for my action , i was stuffing my fingers into janes cunt really deeply, causing her fanny juices to flow ,

i looked over at peter and he was busy with his cock , wanking away , then he shouted oh my god im cuming , with those words he stood up ans jane ran across to him and took his straight to the back of her throat and she swallowed every last drop of peters hot cum , this left me with my own cock , all stiff and ready and waiting , but i was a beautiful sight to see , watching as jane took peters 7 inch cock in one go ,

peter collasped back onto the arm chair and jane walked back to me , licking her lips as she walked , telling me right my boy , its your turn now , she took my cock in her hand and guided it into her sopping wet cunt , all i could do was to hold onto janes thighs and guide her hips as she pumalled my cock ,

after only 2-3 minutes of savage fucking jane had me cuming i gripped her thighs and forced her cunt down onto the full cock , with a howl like a wolf i shot my spunk deep inside , jane sat on my cock ,moving her arse in very small circles , grinding my cock , i could feel my spunk washing my cock , flowing inside her eager wet cunt as she began to groan , with no other warning she gad cum , her juices was flowing from her cunt , mixed with my own spunk ,i could feel them both running down my thighs , i was wet through ,

wanting to carry on for ever but i couldnt , my cock was spent and i couldnt fuck , as jane raised herself from my cock she gave a small grasp , turned to face me and kissed me full on the mouth , saying thank you hunny that was a really nice fuck,

i stayed for one more drink before i had to leave , we exchanged telrphone numbers and peter said that they woulf be in touch in the new year , i hope they do ,mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm