Written by Jack and Jean.

25 Feb 2004

My name is Jack. I am just an ordinary middle-aged man with wife Jean who has a rubenesque size 14 figure. Recently we visited Margate for a long weekend staying at a hotel on the front in the Westbrook area. We arrived friday evening and after unpacking had a light meal in the restaurant. Wanting a decent drink we decided to go to a local pub as the hotel bar had only limited choice. Being friday the bar was packed. We bought our drinks and found a space on a table opposite a couple in their 40's like ourselves. They introduced themselves as Gail and Hans. She was a size 8 about 5 feet tall with lovely shiny black hair and expressive sparkling eyes. Hans was about my height. Distinguished looking , with grey at the temples. Gail was a part-time secretary while Hans was a college lecturer. Several drinks later the chemistry between us was working very well with both Hans showing Jean close attention and Gail playing footsie with me under the table. At closing time Hans suggested we return to their flat just around the corner for a nightcap. We jumped at the chance and left the pub with all our arms linked. Hans poured us each a generous brandy. I noticed Jean was quite tiddly and was nestling up to Hans who had his hand on her knee. Gail whispered to me "Hans loves a slightly bigger woman, what do you like Jack". "I'd like to kiss you" I said. "Only kiss "she replied and traced her finger around the protuberance in the groin area of my trousers. Hans and Jean by this time were snogging intensely. She had her hand on his groin while he was gently touching her already erect nipples. Gail said "we have two bedrooms, unfortunately the wall between them is rather flimsy" and the bed in one is somewhat rickety. Let's have the best room shall we. In the first room she undressed slowly to show her exquisite upturned breasts with the nipples standing out proudly. Her bottom was magnificent shaped like two firm melons. I had a huge erection and was desperate for some action. We lay together her hand caressing my cock while I massaged her clit. Her bum had such a lovely feel while her body gave off the gentle odour of Opium perfume. I continued rubbing her clit until She let out a sweet moan as she orgasmed. Next door the old bed was creaking noisily but not enough to stifle Jean's screams of delight nor Hans's manly grunts. Gail climbed on top of me. My gosh she was moist but also very tight. We moved slowly at first and gradually gaining momentum until she came with a scream and a shudder. Almost simultaneously I shot a heavy load into her. "That's the first time I've had a machine gun in my vagina" she crowed. Hans and Jean were screaming too in the next bedroom. Later when they joined us I saw the sperm running down Jean's leg and Hans's manhood still quite roused. We then made love to our wives staying all night swapping once more.What a wonderful time we had that night and the following two night as well. We never got to sleep in our sea front hotel at all.