Written by rob

18 Jan 2007

I work in a local hospital in the N/W, I work a lot of nights & one early morning (0430) I got talking to one nurse who I usually have a brew and a flirt. This morning in question she seemed more flirty than usual, so being a bloke I didnt back down & the conversation came round to the TV drama "the singing detective" (in it a man suffers from sorriosis all over his body and has to be smeared in vasoline....all over)

So I said to the nurse that if she had any vasoline she could wank me off ha ha, she looked me straight faced & said "go to the male toilets and ill be one minute" stunned I went with my heart thumping and my cock groaning.

She entered & put some rubber gloves on, she smeared the valoline and told me to get my cock out. She began to wank slow at first, then harder & faster. I didnt notice at first, but she slid her little finger up my anus & started to massage my prostate, I shuddered & said I was cumming, she took me in her mouth & I shot my cum deep in her mouth.

She now does this to me once or twice a month