Written by Drifter

31 Jul 2017

Night Out.


My name is Dee. I have been married to John for nearly twenty-five years my daughter is nearly 22 years old. I keep myself in fairly good shape with workouts at the gym but to be honest I could do with removing a few pounds of weight. John is just one year older than me and works with Barry his building company partner. Barry is married to Karen who works in the offices of the small building firm that we all co own. Karen and I are great friends she is 10 years younger than me. We have very few secrets between us, she is aware of the ups and downs in my relationships as I am in hers.


John started the building business just before we were married things went so well that he employed Barry as an apprentice and he eventually became a partner. Business has been very good just lately Karen and I have been busy in the offices whilst our respective husbands have been involved in the development and progress of several large contracts most have been here in our city but now they are working on a contract 300 miles from home. I don’t know if it’s the pressure of work or what but both of them have behaved differently recently, giving instructions and orders to us like we were staff and not equal partners in the business. I have felt hurt confused and neglected by John’s attitude towards me and my contribution to the company. I know Karen feels the same way; because we have discussed it at length, so on Wednesday lunchtime when she said

“Lets go out tonight and let our hair down and have some fun its been ages since we did and anyway, while those two are out of town who’s to know lets enjoy ourselves”.

I jumped at the chance.


The palm club is situated on the out skirts of town, it over looks an enormous lake which feed the local reservoir it has, in days gone by been a beautiful old style ballroom, but now whilst it is still used for traditional style dances it also opens for a variety of different sorts of entertainment. On Wednesday evening though it holds a 60`s 70`s and 80`s disco where many of the more mature shall I say go along to enjoy music from that era. Karen and I have been many times before young people also came along I suspect to hear quality music but then I am bias about such things.

We have on many occasion been chatted up by men at the club and have had some very tempting offers and whilst it true to say we have on occasions paired off for the evening with some of these guys, to dance and even go outside for a while for some intimate connection. I have never and to my knowledge neither has Karen ever gone further than kissing goodnight.

Car Park

The car park outside the Palm club is large and flood lit for security reasons, however a single-track road runs around the outside of the lake and was by far and away the best place to park if you wanted to leave early it simply means that you had further to walk to the entrance of the club. I don’t think Karen and I had ever parked our car so far from the entrance to the club on that Wednesday evening. The view across the lake was lovely it shimmered from the moonlight and was the only light around for at least 100 yards. As I turned off the headlights of the car the inside of my vehicle was immediately plunged into darkness, it was only with the aid of a very small torch that Karen and I made our way to the entrance of the club. It was a bitterly cold November evening and already frost was forming on the ground, which gave the surround trees and hedges a eerie form. I was glad of the warmth from my heavy woollen knee length coat and a rather comfy silk scarf, which fitted, around my neck, these sensible and warm items made up for the less than sensible dress that I was wearing. Karen was dressed in stunning ankle length leather coat its collar turned up around her neck we quickly made our way to the cloakroom.

The entrance and appearance

We entered the dance hall and were lucky to get a table under the balcony opposite the stage where the music was being played. A waiter brought our first drinks. The room was about half full when Karen and I got up to dance we were pleased to note that our appearance had already brought us several approving glances. Karen was wearing a bright red dress that reached just above her knee, it was simple and fitted the contour of her body perfectly exposing but not openly displaying her size 34 breasts her red high heeled shoes complimented the dress and clearly defined the seems of her stockings which formed a wonderful connection to her outfit. She was wearing a new stunning set of white underwear.

I had chosen to wear my favourite black dress which had buttons all down its front and formed a perfect round collar around my neck it stopped just above my knee, my pale black stockings supported by a suspender belt and black high heel shoes completed my outfit.

Karen and I had several dances before returning to our table, we had already refused several offers of dances and drinks and found that we had been joined by two young men at our table, neither of whom displayed the slightest interest in us and continued their conversation. Karen and I after a short while returned to the dance floor. We had only been dancing for a minute or more when a youth who was clearly drunk began firstly to try and dance with us he then tried to engage us in conversation when we ignored his approaches he became aggressive and abusive. I was afraid, I really didn’t know how to handle the situation, the drunk was moving or should I say stumbling towards Karen who was now in fear of being assaulted. “That’s as far as you go Keith get off the floor or we will throw you off” Standing beside us now were the two youths from our table. They clearly were brothers both dressed in light blue shirts the slightly taller one and clearly the eldest took up a position next to me the younger brother stood in front of Karen to protect her from the drunk.

Keith looked at our saviours and said “I was only trying to dance with them” Simon the eldest responded with cool tact and diplomacy that belayed his young years “I know Keith but leave anyway” Frank will see you outside Okay get a taxi and go home”

After a few short moments we all returned to the table with Karen and I expressing our gratitude and Frank and Simon modestly disagreeing with us saying it was nothing. I would calculate that neither of them was more than 20 years old Frank at a guess was 19 no more.

The Evening

We spent the remainder of the evening dancing with our boys; Simon danced with Karen and I with Frank. It was a pleasant and invigorating evening the time passed quickly, when the last slow dances were played Frank held me closely but gently I felt at ease in his company.

The Leaving

We all collected our coats and made to leave the premises it was obvious that Karen wanted to spend a little longer with Simon. It was a cold night I didn’t think she would be long outside so I readily accepted Franks offer to walk me to my car. It was slippery under foot and I held onto him closely as we left the light of the club and entered the dark of the road he slid his arm around my waist and pulled me close.

I realised, I was alone with a man younger than my daughter who was clearly as they say, coming onto me, I could feel a knot in my tummy and my throat began to go dry. I was flattered, but hell I was old enough to be his mother! I decided the only thing to do was act calm and be sensible I knew I could handle this situation without hurting his feelings or leaving him feeling humiliated.

More to follow if there is interest