Written by john

28 Mar 2004

Iwas out with the wife last night.We had a few drinks when out of the bule she said she would like to try flashing.

L allways wears hold ups , she had on a nice skirt not to short but just long enough to let people see her stocking tops .

I went for some more drinks when i looked back u could see all her stocking tops under the table . and her g string fanny .I got a hard no watching so did the guys by the bar .

We had our drink and went to another bar .

As we were walking to the next bar i asked her to go in the toilets and pull her skirt up a bit more , off she went , i got the drinks in.

She was gone about 5 mins when she came back she told me a guy had followed us in the next pub and liked what he had seen .

She was very turned on by this and said feel she was wet and no g string on .

The bar we were in was very crowded we could not manage to find a seat so she could flash ,we went by the dance floor and stayed there a few mins later this young man came over and asked her did she want to dance she said no but i egged her on .

They went on the dance floor which was full and went near the back of the dance floor were i could not see .

they were gone about 15 mins , now L wears a long coat and she was telling me he put his hands under the coat and started feeling her , her back was to most people in there so they could not see .

He pulled up her skirt and looked at her pussy , nice and shaved ( as we both shave )she said he had a right hard on .They came back and he chatted with us for about 1/2 hour L went the toilet he said i have 1 horny wife , i know this .

Then to my surprise he said smell this and putt his fingers under my nose it smelt of L .When she came back i said lets find another pub not so full she said ok and ask the young man would he like to come with us , no need to ask twice lol.

The next pub was very quiet as there is no music in it .He got some drinks in and we sat in a corner , L in the middle of us .

When she had gone the toilet befor she had took her skirt off in the a buttoned her coat up we did not know this till we were sitting with her and she opened it .

I was very hard looking at her as she has never done this befor we have had a cple of 3somes but not like this .

We are both 40 the young man was about 22 .

She told him to play with her , he had 3 fingers up her she was very wet i could smell her pussy .

She asked the young man how far he would go he said all the way .Then to my surprise she told him to get under the table and lick her ,she had picked the spot to sit it was a good one looking around no 1 could see us .

He was lapping away good style as it did not take L long to cum .

We asked him if he would like to come home with us he said yes .

As soon as we got in she was all over him they were naked befor they went up the stairs .

i followed striping of leaving my clothes all the way up to the bedroom .

L was down on him sucking him not a big cock but a nice size .

I got behind her and started fucking her , she told him to get under and lick her as she was being shagged .

He did and started playing with my balls , now i am bi but he did not know this as i was cumming i pulled out ans put it in his mouth he sucked it dry .

L was very turned on by this and told me to suck him off which i did , i lay on my back while he put his cock in my mouth and she stood over my face while he fingered her and licked her ,

It did not take him long to shoot he tasted luvly .

We both fingered her and licked her she came about 4 times then said time out as she was knackered.

She went downstairs to make some coffee , we were lying there feeling each other when we both got hard he asked me to shag him as he had only had fingers up him , i bent him over and got some lube and entered him slowly he luved it .

L had come back we did not hear her come in she said that looks sexy to guys fucking but this is better .

I new what was coming she put her strapon on and fucked me as i was fucking him i came again up his ass .

She then told me to lick him out which i did , then she proceeded to fuck him with the strapon he was luving it .

When she was finished fucking him we both sucked his cock he came over our faces and them lick us clean .We went to sleep after that and never had the coffee .

I can hear them at it now i am going to join in .

This is going to be one very horny day .