Written by Drifter68

6 Aug 2017

There is a forth part to this story and then a continuation, I hope members will be interested, I have to say Im pleased by the response. Thank you all.

The Surprise

My eyes were once again blinded as the car doors opened and our male companions left the vehicle. I was ready to get dressed and began to move my right leg which was still hooked around the gear lever, my arms were pinned to my side by the shoulders of my dress when the rear car door opened again I was again blinded by the interior car light the front door quickly followed as it was opened, the vehicle was again plunged into darkness whilst my eyes adjusted. It was then that Karen spoke her first words of the evening even as she spoke I felt the hard head of a penis again at the entrance of my vagina

“No! No! Simon only! My vagina was hot wet lubricated and easy prey to an erected hard young penis, Simon simply pushed entered and then held me down with his body weight clearly Frank was doing the same to Karen. I wanted to scream!

I felt the shame as my daughter and my husband found out. There was no way out they had changed over and Karen and I didn’t have a say. Simon’s penis began to move with rhythm he had take over my body. I knew at that moment that Karen and I were simply objects to be used and our two young male studs were practicing on us both there was no doubt they controlled the whole venture and were “fucking” us both as they pleased.

After a short period of penetration during which Simon had lifted my legs over his strong arms his hands pinning my arms to the seat, he looked down at me he had a fixed stare an expression of intent he looked down at his own penis as it thrust in and out of my supple vagina, too supple for his needs I’m afraid, I felt his hands move and take firm hold of the checks of my bottom pulling them apart without warning his rampant penis slipped from my vagina and pressed against my anus genuine panic took a grip of my body. I knew and feared what he intended I wanted to protest but Franks hand moved quickly from the back of the car and covered my mouth Simons penis was rampant, hard and well lubricated with mine and Franks juices he pushed, I struggled he pushed again I struggled again as I felt this penetration of my anus there was no stopping him now as I felt my anal passage being invaded for the first time in my life, it hurt fire ran through my body, I couldn’t protest, Simon stopped briefly and then with one swift plunge his entire penis sank into my body, I could hardly breath I was bent double on a car seat a hand over my mouth and a solid penis invading my virgin rectum. Simon now treated my anus like a vagina. I sensed Simons high level of excitement I knew it wouldn’t be long he was no longer in control of himself he tense and release his fluid into my body. I could feel the heat of his ejaculation deep inside me. I simply lay still until he had finished. I looked to my left and saw an expression on Franks face that meant he was unloading into Karen. I was exhausted and ashamed of myself. Both Simon and Frank removed themselves from us.

They both quickly replaced what little clothes they had removed but continued to gaze on our naked bodies. Simon spoke first “Thank you for a fantastic evening are you going to be here next week” I was almost speechless but Karen soon found an answer. Yes!